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Jonah's 3rd Birthday

Friday, November 21, 2014

Three years old! My first baby. The little man that first called me Mama. October 19th THREE years ago we welcomed this little light. The most wonderful gift from God. 

Since we became parents to Jonah Wilder life has never been the same. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about when he was born - as I'm living the newborn days with Ezra, I relive those days and experiences I had with Jonah. They remind me so much of each other, yet are so different at the same time. Some days I even look down and feel like I'm looking at a baby Jonah. It makes me nostalgic, but also happy and proud of where we are today.

Jonah is so smart, kind, loving, funny, imaginative, creative, talented and has a streak of determination that will take him far. He has the sweetest spirit and fun loving personality. He loves so fiercely and has the tenderest of hearts. Oh how I love him so!

The week of Jonah's birthday, MeMe came to get him to take him home with her for a few days while Mama and Ezra worked on a little weight gain and resting. He loves going to MeMe's house so much. On Saturday, we joined him and hung out for the weekend. On Sunday, after his cousin Reese's baptism and dinner out with the family, we had a mini birthday party for him before heading back home.

He got balloons and a few gifts. Most of which he'd picked out with MeMe earlier in the week. He also got to pick what kind of cake and decorate it with his favorite candy - M&M's.

It was a good day for him!

Jonah 3 Years Old with Ezra one day shy of 3 weeks old.
Big/Lil Bro outfits by Lady Bugs and Lassos

The following Saturday, we had a To the Rescue Party for Jonah and visited the Fire Station - Post coming soon.


  1. Love that pic of your two boys together in their matching outfits. Priceless!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing it. I am doing event planning for a small wedding. Can you share few planning details of your event as it’s first time I am doing it and I don’t want to anything wrong and trying to plan things perfectly.


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