The Wilde Olive Blog: Catch the Moment 365 | 2015 | Week 2


Catch the Moment 365 | 2015 | Week 2

Friday, January 16, 2015

This has been a hectic week full of time with the boys for me. Since my husband left me solo for a night and was home late two more nights, we've been doing a little extra bonding ;) I have to say I dreaded being home alone when it was just Jonah and now with two hands full it seemed like a more difficult task, but I survived and can say it really wasn't that bad. Jonah missed daddy, but since I let him crawl in the bed with me he did really well. He even said "this is the best night ever" before falling asleep. I think he meant because Ezra and I don't usually go to bed with him - daddy usually puts him to bed, but I nursed Ezra with Jonah lying next to me and it made his night I think. He loves his brother so much and can't wait for him to be big enough to do more with him. He was so excited to see daddy come home though - I love watching the relationships between those boys.

8|365 Catching up on some rescue bots.

9|365 We tried Ezra in the Bumbo and he wasn't quite ready, but someone's finding a use for it! (probably rescue bots again - on tv this time).
10|365 We had a great time at a Horse Riding Birthday party on Saturday. I can't believe Jonah was so brave! More photos to come of this! 
11|365 Ezra and I spent some alone time on Sunday while Daddy and Jonah went to the movies. 
12|365 Lips 
13|365 An almost healed bonk right on the nose!
14|365 Late night bath. 
One of these days I'll post some photos of something besides these two... well probably not. Love them so much!

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  1. Oh those lips!! Precious.
    Horse riding birthday party is so cute. Pure happiness right there.

  2. I'm the same way, all of my photos seem to revolve around our kids! Those lips are so sweet! It really puts life into perspective when our husbands leave for a few days doesn't it? I've always known he does a lot around the house, but having him gone for a night or two just proves it even further!


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