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Ezra Oliver | 3 Months Old

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

His hair isn't really this red - It's just the lamp light - I took these photos at night. I'll never get my redheaded baby! 

It's hard to even pull myself into reality as I type that Ezra is 3 months old. That's a quarter of a year already and it was already a week ago when he met that milestone. I'm sure I typed the same things when Jonah turned three months, but this time I just want to celebrate! I felt like with my first, time was slipping away too quickly in those early days. This go around he's still growing at the speed of light but I actually really enjoy being away from that newborn stage. Yes, I will miss that tiny little nugget but I'm no longer worrying about weight gain, baby acne, establishing a nursing schedule, etc.
Unfortunately, this milestone also means I have returned to work. Oh how I hate being away from him all day! I almost don't mind that he's been keeping me up all night this week because it means I get to spend time with him. Almost. I hope it's just a growth spurt or an early sleep regression (but I don't think that's it) and we'll go back to at least one 4 1/2 - 5 hour stretch soon. Heck I really hope we go to a 6-7 hour stretch, but I'll take as much sleep as I can get and I'm praying it's more than these two little 3 hour naps I feel like I'm getting this week! Sleep deprivation is hard on my emotional state and my patience.

Ezra and Jonah now stay with my mother during the day. Jonah (and my nephew) go to Mother's Morning Out two days a week so Ezra gets some one-on-one NaNa time on those days. This is when she'll spoil him I'm sure!

He weighs 13lbs at 14 weeks and is really chunking up! He's wearing 3 month or 3-6 month clothing, size 1 shoes. He takes a pacifier when he's a little sleepy or just needs calming, but isn't super attached to it (yet). He nurses at night and in the morning and gets a mix of pumped milk (a whole post on it's on) and supplementation formula while at NaNa's. He's getting all that good stuff from breast milk plus he's getting filled up and happy - I refuse to stress about this as long as he's getting what he needs!

We just love him so much. He looks at our faces and chuckles a lot. He follows us around the room and asks to be picked up. He loves for you to carry him around the house in an upright position. His little head just looks around and around. He finds lights and ceiling fans and spots mommy or daddy from across the room. He's also been known to be mesmerized by the television. He also tells us when he's had enough. Big crowds in small spaces are not his thing and he never really fusses much - so when he starts we pay attention because he's not happy. Family Christmas celebrations were  a little overwhelming for him (and probably the rest of us).

His little personality is so sweet and snuggly! Stay this way baby boy and let mommy love on you forever?


  1. Oh Stephanie, he's just beautiful! My poor ovaries!! <3

  2. He's so cute! I can't believe he's 3 months old already!


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