The Wilde Olive Blog: On to our next adventure! Moving!


On to our next adventure! Moving!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

In January, we decided that it was time for us to move. It was not a decision we made lightly. We love our little bungalow and will cherish the memories we've made here for a lifetime. Just typing this makes me very emotional. I think that's why I haven't done it yet. It didn't seem real even, until the past weekend. Friday, we officially put it on the market. The sign went up around 4pm and within a couple of hours we already scheduled our first showing for the next morning. We worked hard Friday night/Saturday morning to make it look it's best. No small feat with a 4 month old and a 3-year-old saboteur! Alas, just in time for them to show we trekked our way down to the neighborhood park, dog in tow.

 This is the first home we've owned and therefore sold, so it's a weird feeling to have strangers traipse through your house, judging it. I wanted it to be impossibly perfect. Not possible in a 75 year old house with so many quirks and so many things we still wanted to do to it.

Lucky for us, though, they liked it. So much in fact they made us an offer before the sunset that same day. Talk about crazy town. Which is where we've temporarily moved in because we're practically homeless. Okay, maybe that's a huge exaggeration, but that's what the panic felt like when we learned Monday that they had accepted our counter offer and we are under contract pending home inspection. Say wwwhhhhaat? We literally just sold our house in 24 hours.

So, now we begin saying goodbye to the first place we really called home as a family. The place I brought both Jonah and Ezra home to, just blocks from the hospital where they were both born. We start the process of packing up all the little things that made our house ours. We'll say goodbye to the old wood floors, our beloved built ins, and the most awesome yellow tiled bathroom you'll ever step foot in. ;) We'll say good bye to the place where my babies were babies. Oh how my heart will ache to be in this place where those memories were made. I'll miss the closet that was big enough for three toddlers to play in. I'll miss the porch where I sang to Jonah in the spring after he was born almost every night. I'll miss those dang birds that love to nest in the eve above our bedroom windows. I'll miss the creak in the floors that make me feel like we live in a simpler time. I'll miss our walks and I'll miss our friends, but we will have a new beginning. A beginning in a place that will be a new chapter of our lives. A chapter without the quirks that come with living in our neighborhood and a little more peace of mind. I hope.

I'm excited about the 'burbs, I really am and I'm starting to see more and more advantages of finding a house that suits our needs. It's hard, but God will provide and all I really need is the three crazy dudes (and the mutt) that make a bunch of wood and nails a real home. 

Wish us luck on this new adventure. It's proven to be a wild one so far! 


  1. I am so thrilled that you sold your home so quickly, but my heart tightened knowing all the memories that were there and how hard it is/will be to move away from all that.
    Here is on to new memories to be made!

  2. Holy crap! That's insane! Congratulations! Enjoy looking for a new place, it really is exciting and fun :)


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