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Toddler Boy Room

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I am wishing now that I'd done a better job of doing a "blog home tour" so that I would have perfect pictures of our home and I'll remember it as the beautiful bungalow I always wanted it to be (instead of the mess it usually was/is =) ). I wrote last week about leaving our beloved old house and heading somewhere new.I might have talked about how hard it will be for me to leave behind the walls that hold the memories of my babies being babies. I am sure any mother can understand this and we can all agree that in the end they are just walls and floors, made up of a bunch of wood, nails, and paint (thankfully I saved my paint swatches!).

I have to say though, Jonah's room is extra special to me. I've shared it here before but wanted to share it again, in it's current state (well a cleaned up version of it's current state - because he's three). I love this room. So, it hasn't changed THAT much since it was his "nursery" but just grown a little with him. I just love the windows, the light, the curtains, the closet and most of all the little boy who occupies it. We won't tell the buyers, but there will always be the marks in the old wood floors where this baby has been rocked nearly every night by his daddy. There are sounds of cries, songs and prayers that will bounce of the walls in my memory forever. So much work went into making this space his. So, here it is in all it's toddler glory!

I know he'll love his new room and make more memories there, but I just want to hold on to these special moments in time too.

last two photos by mary moment photography

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