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Choosing to see a beautiful mess.

Monday, March 16, 2015

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 Seeing beauty in the messI thought I'd write about how my three-year-old son loves to be a helper and how sometimes that turns out to be more of mess than a help - and I could write about that - 100 times over. Like just yesterday morning, when I helped him push his chair over to the counter so he could help his MeMe make blueberry muffins and watched as he stuck his finger in the dry ingredients, licked it and said "mmmm that sugar is good!" I watched as if it hadn't been for two of us standing there, I would have been sweeping up a powdery mess instead of eating delicious muffins. I have plenty of examples of loving the messes we make together, but that's not where my heart is tonight. I want to go straight to the meat of what is going on in our house right now, the awful disarray that is moving. If you read here often, then you may know that this has been the topic of a few posts already, but today, this week, this weekend I have let my anxiety get the best of me. Short tempered, stressed out, tightly wound, unwavering and unwilling to compromise are just a few ways my anxiety has manifested over the past few days.

I left for work on Friday morning with my father-in-law beginning to pull things off my dining room shelf. I was appreciative, but apprehensive. After all we had no real plan at this point. We just needed help. There's no way to pack and take care of two small children. One child that can't do anything for himself and one that won't are a full time job. It's enough to get through the day with them both fed, clothed and somewhat happy. So, I didn't really know why I felt so... I don't know, anxious.

When I came home to the empty shelves and things taken off the walls in my bedroom the pangs of sadness came. The realization that this is really happening finally showed up. I can no longer be in denial about this theoretical move we have chosen to make. And so it has begun. The up-ending of our lives. 

We worked so hard to get our house ready and then just like that we have to take it all down. Remove all the bits of our lives from the walls, the drawers, the closets. We have to box it all up and store it somewhere. At one point on Saturday, I had just had it and just started putting things away - in drawers - in the trash. The kitchen felt so cluttered with things that I just had to move them...somewhere.. ANYWHERE but where they were! There was food, moving supplies, children, dogs, people, stuff everywhere and I felt like I was going to lose my mind. 

Then on Sunday, as my mother in law and I chatted, we talked about our houses and how we always wanted this or that or a place for this or a time to clean and make the house look nice. We talked about how it always felt like a constant battle. Then she said something that I won't forget. She told me a story of how Saturdays were her cleaning days as a child. She had a working mother, she was a working mother, and that's just what you did. Everyone gets their chores and when you are done you can play, swim, sleep over, whatever. Then she said, one day when her children were young, she looked outside on a day like today. The sun was shining and with the house still a mess she told them to grab their swim suits and a towel and they just went swimming. So, maybe her house wasn't always clean and maybe she had a constant basket of unmatched socks but kids are only kids once and not for every long and Saturdays are for swimming. 

So in the midst of all of this, there will be memories that we'll remember more than the mess. There will be the afternoon that we watched our neighbors build a float for the St. Paddy's Day Parade. There will be all the times we just walked around the block and maybe I'll remember how I threatened the dog's life for running in the house soaked in mud, but instead I hope I'll remember in the middle of this mess, my baby's smile that lit up when his Poppie walked into the room and how they sat every day on our front porch swing [of our old house] and bonded, solidifying their relationship forever. I hope I remember, and they remember mommy and daddy being there. Yes they will remember the projects and the things we have to do, like chores, but instead of focusing on the mess, I hope we can all focus on the memories. Especially, the ones we've made here in our first home all together.

So, I'm choosing tonight to not see the empty walls, the tracked in mud, the constant uncovering of more dog hair to be swept, but the beauty of my family and our adventures together

I'm choosing to see our mess as our beautiful mess. 

Where have you seen beauty in the unexpected lately? I love to hear your story in the comments. 

Isn't it funny how something like a broom can inspire such beauty. Watch the video from  O-Ceder Angler and be inspired to make beauty from life's messes! Then check out the giveaway from O-Cedar. Have a beautiful week friends!


  1. Aww. I love this post so much! Beautiful photos.

  2. So sweet. Yes, there is a lot of beauty in the mess. Someday those little muddy footprints will be all grown up and our floors will be far too clean.

  3. I know one day the boys will no longer make messes so I try to enjoy the beautiful mess. I would love to try this broom because we are in need of a new one.

  4. Such a beautiful post.This week I was struck by my daughter growing up. She decided to paint her nails herself, no longer willing to wait for Mommy to do it. We have nail polish (cotton candy pink) all over the counters, the sink and down the cabinet. Instead of just seeing the mess, I saw my daughter growing up. Not needing me any more. So instead of scrubbing every surface out of frustration, I braided her hair and snuggled with her. I agree that sometimes we need to not see the mess and live our lives. #client

  5. Yes to this! I struggle constantly with wanting everything put away and clean and having a balance. I want my kids to remember their childhood doing fun things!


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