The Wilde Olive Blog: Catch the Moment 365 | 2015 | Week 13


Catch the Moment 365 | 2015 | Week 13

Friday, April 3, 2015

I was behind on blogging 365 last week since I had been traveling, so in case you missed it you can find it here. I had a great time at a Social Work conference last week and got a chance to explore alone a little. I got to see some newly built/restored million dollar homes on the beach of Ocean Springs, but in the middle of it all you still find what was left behind by Hurricane Katrina which was 10 years ago this year. I cannot believe it's been ten years. The coast line has changed so much but is thriving. For the most part Ocean Springs was spared. The beautiful oaks still stand strong as opposed to the change in the skyline of Biloxi and Pass Christian. It was good and beautiful to see and hear the social workers who were remembering their roles in South Mississippi ten years ago. I have to say I may have shed a tear for them and this beautiful home. 


I also have to tell you that we hit a big milestone on Sunday. Ezra's HALF Birthday has come and gone. He is six months old! There will be a post all it's own, I just haven't had the chance this week to sit down and write it. Here he is in one of his Daddy's outfits. I just love a vintage baby. Especially still in our vintage home, in front of my grandmother's vintage chest of drawers. 



While we're on milestones, THIS guy played his first T-Ball yesterday, but that will be in next week's post. On Monday, he participated in Opening Ceremonies and Y'ALL those little T-Ballers are so CUTE and funny I can't even! I wrote another post about it here.


Spring is in full bloom and while my sinuses don't love it, my heart does! I can't wait to see all your Spring photos!

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  1. Such great pictures!!
    I used to love watching my nephew when he was little in t-ball they were so funny and cute.
    Ezra is so pretty. Those eyes!!
    And that flower is beautiful!


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