Monday, April 13, 2015

We received a SUDS Bottle Washer from boon, inc. to try out and 
I'm here to give you my honest opinion! #blogreview #ABoon4Bottles

It's not too often that I get contacted directly by a company that I admire so much, so I was super excited to try out the SUDS Bottle Washer by Boon, Inc. We have and use a few of their products and I just love how visually appealing they are. Boon describes SUDS like this:
YOU'LL LOVE IT LIKE HAPPY HOUR.So you know those nifty glass-washing thing-a-ma-bobs they use in bar sinks? Same general idea here. Just place your bottle on the pump and press it down—water jets and spinning, scrubbing bristles do the rest. It's faster and more effective than standard washing and works with most bottles and sippy cups—not to mention wine glasses. (Hint, hint.)
SUDS fits right down into your sink basin but if you let the dishes pile up a little in the sink (because that's the reality with littles), you can use it on the counter top! It's pretty simple to use and I have found that because it combines the use of pressured water + scrubbing bristles it gets bottles and sippy cupscleaner in half the time or less than having to use a scrubbing wand. 

We have been using SUDS for about 2-3 weeks and a couple things I have found are with the wider bottles, they typically have a dimple in the bottom, so you have to get the top of the SUDS on one side of the bottle and then the other which is why you can kind of see a little wear in my bristles above. Also, if you do use it on the counter top be careful of your water level because when you pump the soap and water through you create more suds and it will spill onto the counter, so I start with a little less water than I think I need and there is no spillage!

I have also found that rinsing the soap takes less rinses with suds because I'm not putting soap directly into the bottle like I do when I'm only washing one bottle. So, I'm probably saving soap and water by using SUDS. It's definitely a cool contraption that does make bottle and glass washing easier and more efficient in the sink.

SUDS Bottle & Sippy Cup Washer is available in Target stores nationwide and on

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