The Wilde Olive Blog: Catch the Moment | 2015 | Week 18


Catch the Moment | 2015 | Week 18

Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Friday Friends! We continue to be busy bees and are enjoying Spring very much besides all the sniffles Spring brings. Since most of you guys visiting from Catch the Moment are photography lovers, be sure to check out the new app I shared earlier this week and enter to win a 2 terabyte storage device here. Then go check out that little squishy Ezra's 7 month update.

Now, for this week's photos! I am a little unimpressed with myself and the amount of iPhone photos in with the real camera shots this week, but I have high expectations. So, moving on!

120|36 I got to take senior portraits for this beautiful girl on Thursday evening. It was awesome! I need to go back and do a little magenta highlight removal in the trees that I didn't realize was there until I re-sized and sharpened. Busy week. I started a new pro instagram account @graymorningsphotography if you'd like to see client previews, etc over there!

121|365 iPhone shot of me and my big boy.

122|365 We attended the most beautiful wedding on Saturday! It was hot during the ceremony and I'm pretty sure my makeup all evaporated. I will definitely be sharing the rest of the photos sometime next week!

123|365 Annual Family Crawfish Boil  Dinner was at our new house this year. We always do crawfish when my sister, brother in law, and nephew are in town. This is the backyard of our new house by the way. There's a pond right behind the fence and do you see those geese?!

124|356 Still going strong in T-Ball. Two games a week and a tournament coming up!


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