The Wilde Olive Blog: Catch the Moment 365 | Week 24 + SUMMER OF COLOR 15!


Catch the Moment 365 | Week 24 + SUMMER OF COLOR 15!

Friday, June 19, 2015

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who visits these 365 posts each week. I love doing this project as daunting as it is sometimes and will continue it throughout the year. I am however backing down from the link up that I have been co-hosting since last year. The interest and participation have been minimal and I just don't have the time right now to try to make it grow. I also don't think it's worth it to post it for 2-4 people to link up! I really hope those people still visit and I will visit them each week, but I will be stepping back from creating and hosting the weekly link-up.

162|365 If you happen to notice my eldest child missing from photos this week, it's because he doesn't really care for nap time - which often means - he falls asleep right after we pick him up in the evenings. I hate that but it's better than dealing with his grumpiness because he didn't nap. Yay for naps!

163|365 My cute little alarm clock would not stop going off this morning, then it followed me around for 2 hours basically saying 'you are going to be late, definitely going to be late!'

164|365 We got to celebrate my nephew's 5th birthday since he's in town this summer! It was fun and super hot! I have more photos but you can see my sister's post about it over on her new blog The Kellum Adventure where she is talking about their month long + in an RV. So fun. I'm so jealous. 

165|365 I got a Stitch Fix after a loong while and posted about it! 

166|365 Also, we celebrated my little sister's birthday on Sunday night with the best Strawberry Cake you have EVER tasted. If you live near a Newks - go now and get some for yourself! the. best. 

167|365 aaannd more Ezra! 

 168|365 Ezra is obsessed with these picture frames, I finally had to move them. I think he is wondering where the heck he is in this picture!? In my belly! 

Now! Something fun for S U M  M E R which officially kicks of on Sunday, June 21st! That's Father's Day too incase any of you have forgotten. ;)

I, along with some blogging friends, am hosting a instagram challenge! We want you to find the bright and beautiful colors of summer in your every day! So, we have come up with a list of colors to inspire you for 50 days! We'll start on Sunday June 21st and go through August 8th! Below you will find the list but it is also on my Instagram @stephaniesclark!

Please find us and join in using #SummerOfColor15

Also linking with Pierced Wonderings again today!


  1. I love Ezra looking at the photos! (Great frames, btw!) And I'm so in for the summer of colors, what a spectacular idea! Bummer about the linkup, but I hear you - too much work for not so much involvement. I'll keep visiting you! I love your photos. :)

    1. Thanks girl! I think the other ladies may still post the link up - I haven't heard back but you may still be able to link up with Mindi or Carrie!

  2. Stephanie

    I need your help, can you spread Finn's story for me.

    A 5 month old boy born with a heart condition had open heart surgery in April, he had complications and has been in the hospital ever since. Read more on facebook at Prayers for Finn

    I have put together an instagram auction to help raise money for his medical bills. @prayersforfinnauction #prayersforfinn

    please post a photo of Finn and tag @prayersforfinnauction so that your readers can check it out. It will be June 25

    AMAZING shops have come together in donations and now as bloggers its our responsibility to spread his awareness.

    Thank you so much
    xo, Michelle


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