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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ezra turned 8 Months old 11 days ago. Way to go Mom on being super late on this post. In my defense, we were leaving that night for the beach and I still feel like I'm recouping from the trip!

And I got a few beach photos of him as an 8 Month Old! This boy is a mess y'all. Man I love him and he's definitely found his place in our family. Let your little adventurous personality shine squiggles!


Finally! This little guy is enjoying food. He's had a small variety of purees and some baby cookies and puffs. We had a lot of trouble getting Ezra to swallow without coughing and gagging. It wasn't that noticeable, as odd or different from any baby at first until one day I gave him a smashed, steamed carrot - as I did Jonah when he was starting to discover solids - but Ezra coughed and gagged until he threw up several ounces of milk that I'd fed him at least 30 minutes before. He did this several other times with me and after feeling a little defeated I gave up and started over. From this experience I learned that baby led weaning would not be for him. When food in more solid forms touched the back of his tongue, he immediately started gagging and coughing. So, after consulting some of my speech therapist friends, we started giving him texture to chew and suck on. We began giving him arrow cookies under supervision (they are recommended for 10 months plus) and he began enjoying those and I really think they helped him with his texture issues. I still continued to do trials of purees but because he was growing just fine from his healthy milk diet, we weren't in a rush. Now, he enjoys pureed carrots, apples, bananas (I'll also let him suck on a whole piece of banana - he loves it but SO messy), pears, sweet potato, and I have peas in the fridge for him to try when he returns from 


He's pretty good for the most part. We usually rock him to sleep at night around 8pm, a little earlier if he's fussy, he'll usually sleep until anywhere between 4 - 6, then get up for a bottle. Depending on the time, he will go back to sleep for an hour or two. Then he naps around 10 and again around 1 or 2. He really likes getting in a cat-nap on the car ride to and from my Mom's house everyday. Which means he starts getting fussy and ready to go some days before I'm ready - he'll follow me around and climb on my feet wanting to be held while I'm trying to get ready for work. This is the most awful part of my mornings and why most of the time I wish I didn't have to go to work! Back to the nap though -  It gives him a little boost to get through until his longer naps. Some nights we've had some trouble settling - I have slowly begun to use essential oils after his bath or when we change him for bed (gentle babies or lavender diluted on his feet and upper back). I have noticed a difference in his ability to calm down and settle so that he can fall asleep on his own. He still loves to be held and rocked though! 

Learning & Doing

He is so mobile it's scary. He crawls at the speed of light. Walks on his hands and feet. He pulls up on everything. He loves pulling up on the windows into the backyard and on the glass back door. Finger prints EVERYWHERE! He has also found a new voice in the last month - uttering little soft dadas and tha-thas. No mamas yet but we are working on it. Make no mistake though - he knows how to say HEY and babble all the live long day - really loudly - usually in competition with his brother, but hearing that sweet little voice change is such music to my ears. I can't wait for him to say Jonah's name or whatever he will call him. 


Like a weed! A pretty chunky weed, but none-the-less it's happening so fast! 


BROTHER! He loooves his brother. He wants to just do everything he does. He loves to WRESTLE. It's hilarious I wish I had a video to post here, but the boy will full on tackle Jonah. Obviously, Jonah taught him this and enjoys it so much that he never stops him. The future of my furniture and walls looks pretty grim. He loves his family. He has started to recognize different people and reaches for who he wants. His favorite people are the ones who will carry him around on his every whim. He has a favorite bear he like to hold when he sleeps. He LOVED the beach y'all. He wasn't too sure about the waves, but the sand he thought was awesome. He even thought it tasted quite nice. 

We are loving how sweet spirited and funny he can be! He usually has us laughing just as much as he laughs at us! While at the beach I was waiting on the restroom at the creamery in Seaside and my sister Maggie was waiting with us. She was playing and talking with him - it was well passed his bed time - and he just reached back and smacked her right on the cheek. He cackled SO LOUD when she made a surprised face that we couldn't stop laughing and then his laugh filled the place which just made him laugh more! 

What a character you already are, Ezra Oliver! We love you so so so very much! 

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