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REVIEW | Bumbo Multi Seat

Monday, June 15, 2015

Full Disclosure, we received the Bumbo Multi Seat for free in exchange for a mention on Instagram, which I published about two weeks ago, BUT because I really love it and wanted to give a more in-depth look at this new product I wanted to post photos and opinions here as well! 

 A Bumbo seat was one of the MOST recommended things people told me to add when registering while pregnant with Jonah. This was just a plain old Bumbo - no straps. We loved it and used it often. We even used it later when he could sit up well own is own but wanted to keep him contained in front of us or doing an activity. He loved it!

We still have that Bumbo  and began to use it some with Ezra, but with this child, it needed straps. He is super grabby - wanting to grab onto everything and mostly put all of those things in his mouth. So, I have enjoyed using the new Multi Seat some in the mornings to keep him occupied and strapped in while I'm getting ready or when I need to have my hands doing something else other than keeping him from getting a head injury. I need to remember to use it more!

It is also a great spot for snacks and that tray is awesome. It's stored right on the back of the seat itself. It can be used for snacks, toys, or even feeding him. Also, the strap does come between his legs but it also has a divider for his legs where the tray snaps in. The openings for the legs in this seat are also wider than the original Bumbo - which E's chunky little thighs get stuck in a little. Poor guy! =) For people who put smaller babies in a Bumbo, they made slide down a bit more in this one.

Separately from the Bumbo Multi-Seat itself you can purchase the Playtop Safari Suction Tray to go on the top of the Bumbo Tray or you can use it on your high chair or other surface. It's also a lot of fun. A little cup/snack holder, a mirror that turns kind of like a book and a few little noise makers to entertain - for you know 35 seconds so you can go pee. ;)

The best part of this seat is that it grows with your child. You can strap it to a chair for feeding with the tray or you can push it up to the table for an older child. I mentioned on Instagram that my oldest had to prove that he could sit in it with the Aqua cushion. He was right, but it does come out to grow with them has they get bigger. His skinny little tail probably needs the cushion though! He also insisted that I strap him in, like his little brother of course, because Heave forbid the baby gets to do something he doesn't!

I hope this was a helpful look at this new product! I hope we get lots of use out of it. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. 


  1. We use our bumbo every day! The wider leg straps sound amazing for chubby little legs like my daughters :)

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