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Thursday, June 4, 2015

I am so excited to share with you today this new product I got to test drive from BOON! We have come to love their products and have used several of them throughout babyhood with Jonah and now with Ezra we are getting to try a few more. A couple of months ago I got to show you the SUDS Bottle Washer from BOON and I actually still really love it, but the two drawbacks with the SUDS (which still works great) is that it doesn't do the nipples or lids very well and the bristles may show a little wear and tear.

Enter Forb. It's made completely of silicone. It's so cute I could just display it right next to my GRASS and never use it, BUT it is quite useful.

Forb's petals are made of super-tough silicone, which is much more durable than regular nylon bristles and won't scratch your bottles if you are concerned about that! You can just put a dab of soap in the middle of the petals add a little water to your bottle and it suds up really well. I'm bad about over soaping cups and bottles which means more time rinsing. It works great on bottles and sippy cups. Those sippy cups - the ones where the milk gets left in it for a couple of days because the toddler dropped it in the car and you totally forgot about it - yea those - Forb is your new best friend. The end of Forb also has a nipple "brush" that will get down in there and get anything stuck in out. Then, because that bottle or sippy cup was so gross you can just stick Forb right in the dishwasher on the top rack and sanitize it away. With the silicone, it doesn't damage it, wear it out faster or leave a funky wet smell. All positives in my book. 

It also comes with a vase for standing upright, so even though the silicone is mold and mildew resistant, you don't have to leave it down in the sink - it sits by your sink like a little flower.

It sure does beat the other products out there that wear out so quickly and can be an eye sore. I (we) have been using FORB for about two weeks now, I even packed it and took it to the beach with us. I am going to pat myself on the back for that one because we would have had to go buy something to wash all those bottles. Although, we are very familiar with the Target in Destin so it wouldn't have been a total loss. 

We were also sent a few other products to try out just for fun, we've been using the Gum Drop bottles and like them for their size - easy for Ezra to hold. They clean up well because they have all removable parts - which is good- but more parts in our house usually means more lost parts. We are also super excited to have a new GRASS drying rack. We actually already use one but they've changed the color on us a little since 2011 when we bought the original. Also, that snack ball looks awesome and another thing that can easily be cleaned with FORB, but we just haven't had the chance to try it out just yet! 

Do you like seeing product reviews on Behind the Camera and Dreaming? Let us know! If you have a product you'd like us to review just shoot us an email stephaniebtcad @ gmail . com, we love trying new stuff but want it to fit our lifestyle and audience. 

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