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Ezra Oliver | 9 MONTHS OLD

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We have been through quite a week with this guy. He started having trouble sleeping but we couldn't really figure out what was going on with him. He was just waking up and wanting us to rock him, then he'd get restless and want to lay down and the cycle continued on and on. So, exhausted, we thought maybe his ear infection he'd had a few weeks prior had resurfaced. We waited a couple of days because I knew he'd have his 9 Month Well Baby coming up, but went ahead and took him in on the 2nd. No ear infection, so they just called it his Well Baby and examined him and he got one vaccine. 

The next day he was fine, but went to bed unusually early after a long day of running around. He woke up the next day, July 4th, with a fever and no other symptoms. Delayed shot reaction? Random virus? It is so frustrating when your baby can't really tell you what is wrong. All you know is they do not feel good because they are not acting themselves. His was on and off with treatment throughout the day and into the next, finally after 8pm on Sunday night it was at 102.5 and we called the emergency line, but of course they just gave us instructions on keeping it down - that we were already doing - and to bring him in the next day. Well, Monday he woke up with no fever and it hasn't been back. He does however have a nasty rash on his legs that I'm 99% sure is from the fever. This is the third time this has happened to my sweet boy and it is no fun at all. His little personality is just so big that you really miss it when he's down. 

Thankfully, he is doing much better today! 


so much more! He is loving purees and some solids especially soft fruits like bananas and peaches.


Hoping this continues to improve after we were thrown for a loop the past two weeks! Right now, he seems to be waking up a lot lately, but hopefully that will get better once we've really gotten this fever virus (or whatever it was) behind us. Sometimes, I think he just wakes up and misses us because I walk into the room and he practically claws at me to get himself out of the crib. He usually goes right back to sleep though after a little snuggle. He won't do it forever, so I'll get in some extra snuggles now, even if it means less sleep. Thankfully though, Wesley and I can split the snuggle times now. 

Learning & Doing

He's standing and cruising like a pro. He pushes stools and baskets around the house and can stand for about 2 seconds unassisted. He has the strength and possibly enough balance to take a step or two but the coordination and everything just hasn't come together yet (which I am fine with - slow down boy). He is such a fast crawler but gets frustrated on the hard floors, so I kind of hope he walks soon. For him. Not me. =) 


He is so awesomely solid. 21 lbs and 27 inches. He looks big because his head is magnificently large at the 95th percentile. 


Mommy. I can't walk by without him wanting me! I love that he needs me but seriously kid - go play! He just wants me to carry him around on my hip, then he wants to jump out of my arms. I really love that he loves me. Oh! it's so special! I am often locked into where ever he catches me in the house because he pulls himself up on the back of my legs and of course my hands are full. He also loves looking out the back windows onto the patio. His favorite things to do is kiss the glass and bang on it. It's pretty entertaining for him and for us. He loves his brother still and wants to play with him at full speed. He chases the dog (who runs away) and gets into whatever he can. He also gets SO mad when you take things away from him. I think he might have a bit of a temper... wonder where he gets that? 

We all just love him so! I can't wait to see what he does next. He's a wild one, but he's so cute doing his thing. 

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