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First Birthday Party Inspiration

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Our second boy's first birthday is just 20 days away! Oh my I just realized it really is only 20 days away. . . I should not be writing this post. I should be doing something else to prepare because I am not prepared! Maybe I should just be snuggling my little buddy and praying for that pause button on life. I mean they are only THIS squishy for so long. What am I doing looking at this computer screen when I should be staring at him sleeping?!

Alas, the party must be planned and the celebrating must be done because that's what we do and we love it! Well, I love it. I stress, I fret, I over plan, wait until the last minute, yell at my husband to vacuum-faster-before-the-guests-get-here and then I'm still happy we had a party because I love parties!

For Ezra's first I decided to go kind of simple. Balloons with minty blue hues and a little touch of gold worthy of a prince! Since I have only boys and I'm not throwing myself a party any time soon, I decided to take full advantage of him still being a baby to choose a theme based on what I love right now! Selfish, I know... but I'll still let him have the first piece of cake!

Here are a few inspirations I have found around the web and some things I've actually already purchased!

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