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5 Tips for Capturing the Everyday

Monday, October 5, 2015

So, you’ve all but mastered your DSLR or have amazing iPhone camera skills, but you feel like you can only take the same picture of your kids so many times. Your photos look like this: kids smiling at the park, kids smiling in front of the fire place, kids smiling in front of the front door, on the stoop, etc, etc. OR your very mobile children don’t listen and won’t sit still for any photos, so you haven’t even taken a photo of them in months!

Today we are going to specifically talk about that kid that will never sit still for a photo so you just give up completely. I am going to share five simple tips to help you capture precious memories of your kids, especially those little mobile ones, without the stress of getting the perfect shot, because in my humble opinion, the perfect shot is not that one where your baby is sitting hands crossed saying cheese (although those can be very cute too). It might just include a baby with a cute belly and a diapered bottom

1. Have your camera ready or at least easily accessible. You never know when you might have a minute to capture some great every day shots. Make sure it’s charged, has a memory card, and you have your favorite lens attached. I typically keep my 35mm or my 50mm lens on my camera even if I stick it down in my camera bag. Both of these lenses work great in low light/indoors and the 35mm gives me room to shoot a wider shot in smaller spaces.

2. Get to know your light.
Does your home get the best light in certain rooms in the morning and certain rooms in the afternoon? Pay attention and bring some toys into the light. Take 10 minutes and entice your little one over by that window with the beautiful light with his or her favorite toys. Windows are your natural light best friend. I love a good window shot.

3. Talk to your little one from behind the camera. Don’t just say “EZRA! EZRA! Look at mommy!” Although, I do catch myself doing that occasionally, it probably isn’t the most effective way to get his attention. Make silly faces, sing a silly song, grab a small noisy toy and hold it right above your lens. For children who are a little older you can pick up on favorite colors, songs they know, TV shows or book characters he/she likes.

4. Get on their level and get those detail shots!  Whatever age your child they have a level of where they are most comfortable. Whether it’s your crawling baby, toddling one year old, Lego building four year old sitting on the floor, book worm eight year old propped against all the pillows in the house, or video game loving teen sprawled across the bed. That’s where your camera needs to be. That’s where you’ll find the little details of who your child is in that moment. The little fingers, chubby legs, or the messy hair or bitten lip, those are the little things that I love to see in my photos when I look back. I love their eyes, their smiles, and even frowns just as much, but remembering those sweet little details when you can’t quite conjure them in your mind is so special.

5. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. 

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion; they don’t have to be dressed to the nines. Just capture your family as they are. I promise in 20 years, you won’t even notice that their socks don’t match or they are only wearing a diaper. You’ll think it’s precious! 

So when Huggies Little Movers wanted to work with us again and they asked the question "how are you documenting these exciting moments?", I though yes! They do get it!! Diapers are at the center of babyhood and when babies start moving, it's so important to have a diaper that moves with your baby. It's also important that baby feels comfortable and like himself. Obviously my child is most comfortable in his diaper...

 Visit the Huggie's Facebook page and post your own #SetBabyFree snaps! You might just find a Huggies Little Movers coupon here


  1. These are fantastic photos! Great tips too! xx

  2. I have someone that just doesn't stand still, but then likes to see photos of himself on my phone. He just doesn't get it! Thanks for the tips. The one about putting toys in to the light was a particularly good one that I will use. #MyFavouritePost

  3. Awe, beautiful! I love your tips and suggestions. I'm going to try implementing them. Thanks for sharing at the Share With Me blog Hop.

  4. Ahh absolutely adorable captures of your little one. I really am trying my hardest to take better photos on my blog but going into manual mode and chasing the light is an endless battle I am happy with yet. lol Love these. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I appreciate you linking up and always look forward to seeing you again at SWM. #sharewithme


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