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Ezra Oliver | 12 Months Old

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oh Ezra, a whole year has passed since I first laid eyes on those sweet little cheeks? How is this possible? We could have never predicted that you would be so you a year later. I have loved getting to know you. You make my days brighter, better, and a whole lot snugglier! I never dreamed myself the mother of two boys and would have never guessed I'd have such an active, mischievous, entertaining and loving little one year old. You are uniquely you. You keep our blood pumping and our faces smiling. 

Here's just a little update on what Ezra is up to these days! 


This boy is a little more picky than my first baby boy was at this stage. He has just started to get his teeth though, so hopefully that will expand his pallet a little. He is not a fan of any kind of meat I've tried to feed him, so we are relying on other foods for protein these days. He is still taking a bottle and since we were so sick for the last two weeks, he's actually been relying on it a little more. Have I said it enough? Hand Foot Mouth is the devil. The devil. I am actually thankful he was still taking a bottle because it was difficult to get anything in him for several days last week. He loves bananas, cinnamon raisin bread, 


Check back with me next week... I'm too tired to answer. 

Learning & Doing

It's so funny how different my boys are. At this point Jonah could communicate in words. Just a few but Ezra is still mostly using sounds and no full words yet, although, we think he says words all the time. Who knows the boy really just does his own thing. He mostly expresses himself by showing you exactly what he wants and if you don't understand or he doesn't get what he wants he communicates by throwing himself full downward snow angel on the floor. Then, just to SHOW YOU he will run away and do something he knows he's not supposed to.. like try to turn the oven on. 

This kid. Feeds the dog on his own. Runs for the door when you open it just a crack. Asks for snacks just to give them to the dog and laughs. Climbs on big brother's stool and attempts to climb on the counter tops. Reaches into drawers while he's on your hip...because maybe he'll find something you hid from him! Spits out his paci just so he can get down and get it. He also gives you unsolicited hugs. Even to his brother. Reaches for you in the sweetest way. Has the sweetest little pointing finger you ever saw. He loves to be outside. He begs and begs when we can't go out just right then. It's so sad. He stands at the window and bangs on the glass. So sad. At this point he's so busy, it's hard to keep up! 


I have no idea what his stats are right now, but we will go in for his one year check up next week! He's a growing boy I do know that!


He loves his mommy. Oh how he just wants to be a part of mommy. He just needs me to hold. I will treasure it. I will treasure it. I will treasure it. Even when it's hard! He loves his blue teddy, ride-on toys, anything that brother is playing with, and wrestling! Oh how this little baby can wrestle. Look out Jonah, he's coming for you. He loves to run and chase. He loves to be tickled and snuggled. He loves to rock. He loves to climb and he LOVES to be outside! He loves a bath, but hates to wash his hair or wipe his face. He loves to put his shoes on but doesn't care to much for putting on other clothes. He loves a good book but really just wants to look at it and doesn't care for you reading it. He loves to ride in the stroller or wagon. You would think you traded him in for a different baby when you strap him in the stroller or the wagon. He just rides and looks. He doesn't fall asleep but gets so quiet. I love that peaceful time. More walks. We need to go on more walks. 

Now that we've passed that awful virus, I hope we can get out and do some fun Fall and Holiday things in the cooler weather. I can't wait to see him experience the holidays and his second year of life! We love him and treasure his presence in our lives. Ezra has made our hearts and arms much more full over the past year. I can't wait to see him grow.. but not too fast of course!

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