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the sickies

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This has been a week y'all. I only post this because I know so many of you can related. The sickies have invaded our home and taken up residence on our littlest little man. I want Hand Foot Mouth Disease to die a slow, painful death. No actually I want it to die quickly, like right now. I can't take it anymore. If you hear this awful virus has been present in a child at your child's school, just keep your little ones home. Sanitize their brains out and apply and reapply Thieves like it's your favorite perfume.

We started with this awful mess on Friday night/Saturday morning around midnight and it just won't stop. I thought he had a stomach virus on top of a cold, but when Sunday evening rolled around he suddenly had a fever of 102+. Then he started getting a rash on the backs of his legs. I thought we were all in the clear when no one else had gotten sick Sunday night. I thought the rash was just from the fever and the fever was him recovering from a nasty stomach bug!

Then, at 1:30am Monday morning Jonah walked in our bedroom groaning. I got him to bathroom in time, since I was already awake with a restless sweaty Ezra in my bed, and at that point it felt never ending. Then Monday, night Ezra's rash had spread and I showed Wesley thinking it was so weird. He got sick again twice in the middle of the night, and Wesley said Hand, Foot, Mouth? Then I knew that was it. Every single symptom... Ezra had it. I had noticed a little bump on his mouth on Monday but thought it was from drooling and his paci because he's teething too. Yeah, did I mention he's gotten four teeth in the past two weeks? Possibly more I can't see the top front very well and at this point, it really doesn't matter much. I am exhausted. We are all exhausted.

Not that there aren't bright spots in the day when everyone is feeling well and playing, because there definitely were. I am so thankful for some of the moments we've had just at home over the past four, going on five days, but the sickness needs to go. Thankfully, Jonah was sick for less than 12 hours and shows no sign of HFMD so he was able to go to school today for his Fall Party!

I just want my baby to be comfortable enough to get a good night's rest, and for the rest of us to sleep soundly for a few hours at least. Here's to praying for healing and sleep and and a germ free week!

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  1. It's so hard not to sit up worrying all night when your little one's aren't feeling well. I hope everyone's well soon and you have a great rest of the week!

    The Rad Wife


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