The Wilde Olive Blog: "We all need Jesus in our hearts" - Jonah Wilder 10/6/15


"We all need Jesus in our hearts" - Jonah Wilder 10/6/15

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I had a post I was going to publish today giving an update on how Jonah is doing in Preschool, but I just deleted. It was mostly rambling and I don't know it just wasn't flowing and it sat there all day unpublished staring at me with it's fragmented sentences, quips about nothing, and emotionless updates and I just didn't like it. That post will come as my boy turns four and I start feeling the need to gush, but it just wasn't meant for today. 

I had a moment tonight where I just had to stop and write down this night. This night filled with stress and busyness and too many things to get done before the sun rises tomorrow. This night when I got to make an attempt to explain what unconditional love is to an almost four year old. This night when my son reminded me over and over again that we need Jesus in our hearts. They did music today at school and the only words he could remember to the song were something like "we all need Jesus in our hearts" and couldn't remember the rest. He sang that part over and over and over. So, after I had lost my cool more than once with him, with my husband who currently only has the use of one arm, and even be-raided  myself for my lack of patience and compassion for the people I love most, I finally just said "that's right" you know I need Jesus right now. I did need him and do need him.  I need his grace, his hope, his patience, his kindness and most of all I need his love. I am so flawed as a parent, wife, daughter, all of it. We all are. We need God's love. We need it to pour into us and out from us. I don't know if I'll do better tomorrow, but I know I'll try. 

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