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4 Gifts | Change the Way You Gift | Wear

Friday, November 27, 2015

Earlier this month, we began sharing a series called 4 Gifts. I will be sharing each week throughout the series about more focused gift giving by using these four categories:

1. Want Check out some awesome toy suggestions for toddler and preschoolers and why we decided to join in this series! 

2. Needmy wish (need) list that would complete their bedroom and make our playroom manageable.

3. Wear

4. Read

This year I will be focusing on a gift guide for my boys, toddler and preschool ages, in all four categories here on Behind the Camera and Dreaming. Throughout this series, which will spread over four weeks, I will also be personally adding a charitable giving idea that we will be doing along with each category. There are 10 or so of us bloggers participating this year and we've all got fun lists of want, need, wear and read. Hopefully our lists will help to take some of the guess work out of Christmas shopping for you!

Wear | Toddler Boy

Toddler Boy Wear

Ezra is mostly in 12/18 month clothing and surely heading his way from size 4 to 5 in shoes with his wide little foot. We made it through the end of Summer and Fall with 3 pairs of Freshly Picked Moccs. All of which I bought from the Buy, Sell, Trade group on Facebook. We are now down to 1 pair of 4's and I have been venturing out into other style shoes and the boy has a wide foot, so it's a game of trial and error. I added something for his paci loving self and since he's a walker (well mostly runner) we can't really do footed pjs anymore but I still love one pieces on him! We really love a mix of modern and classic. I can resist a cute long-all at a great price!

Wear| Preschool Boy

Pre-School Boys Wear

Moccasin shoes / Hunter Navy Wellingtons Boots / Crewcuts Factory Slim Jean / The Wishing Elephant / Honey Bee Tees Firetruck Long Sleeve /Long Sleeve Henley / Rufus and Murdog

Jonah, oh Jonah, he is very opinionated about what he wears these days. He loves jeans. I finally bought him two pair that fit recently - the Crewcuts pair listed - I found at the outlet in a slim! He has outgrown his rainboots, but I haven't quite bitten the bullet to buy him a new pair of Hunters yet. I'm always looking at eBay for blue or black in his size! I could buy him all of the Honey Bee Tees. They are so simple with clean lines and classic drawings!

Charitable Giving

As we go through each of these posts, I have been sharing something we are doing to give this year, so I am sharing Jonah's school's sock drive for the Batson Children's Hospital. Jonah picked these sweet set of Paw Patrol socks and we also donated a bag of just white socks. 

Here's a list of things they ask for, for Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve if you have a group that would like to collect items! If you are local but cannot deliver items, I'd be glad to pick up items and take them in, since I work just next door.

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and now for our gift to one of you!


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  1. I love those little boots for Ezra! Your boys always look darling!!

  2. Great giveaway! just in time for last minute Christmas shopping.


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