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BabyNes | Add THIS to your baby shower registry!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

BabyNes, where have you been all my life? Okay maybe not all my life, but all my little ones' lives? I heard rumors of products such as the BabyNes in the midst of Ezra's first year of sleepless nights, but never saw them available at any retailers, but now life has changed forever. Not that the BabyNes will get you any more sleep, but it does make that middle of the night drag yourself into the kitchen a little less painful for sure! 

When Jonah started taking only bottles at four months, we had really cold tap water that never warmed up in our sink or we prepared a bottle and put it in the fridge, so we would wait on the bottle warmer - which really never got it that warm. Then at some point we used the Keurig to make a hot cup of water to put the bottle in, but don't leave it too long because it would get too hot.. oh the trials of trying to figure all of that out when you are asleep or sleep deprived. With Ezra, the transition was a little easier but he was HUNGRY! I feel like we were constantly fixing bottles and he had a bit of a delay in being able to eat solid foods so he was getting several bottles a day until he was almost one and while we are trying to switch from the bottle, he still gets at least two most days. 

Anyway, in those earlier days, I would have loved to have this machine... I'm pretty smitten with it now and Ezra loves the milk by BabyNes. 

I had grand plans of making a great video for you guys, so I could really show us using the BabyNes for the first time and how easy the set up was, but y'all I have no more hours in the day! Plus the day we opened it, it was super gloomy out so we took lots of photos. I was so excited to try this machine and really wish we'd had it earlier! It's really simple to use. You CAN see a video of it in use here. 

It was so easy to unpack and no real assembly is required. It's so attractive too. It makes my Keurig look a little sad honestly. Does it look like R2D2 or am I just too excited about the new Star Wars? lol

Here's a little more about BabyNes and the 6 stages of formulas. BabyNes formulas evolve to meet your baby’s changing nutritional needs. Instead of one baby formula and one toddler formula, BabyNes created a total of six, to deliver precise nutrition from birth to three years. 3 stages for newborns, 1 from 7-12 months to accommodate solid food introduction and 2 toddler formulas. 

It makes an 8 ounce bottle in less than a minute, the milk is so smooth, where as in shaking a bottle we often get clumps. 

The BabyNes Machine BPA free of course and uses hermetically sealed capsules that protect the formula from contamination (unlike when I drop the scoop right back into the formula container) and has a unique filter that keeps water bacteria-free (more on this here). Its unique design allows formula flow directly from capsule to bottle, without contacting the machine, AND it lets you adjust the temperature of each bottle (love this feature!)

The BabyNes Machine has built-in Wi-Fi, so it can send information directly to your online MyBabyNes dashboard. You can get feeding alerts; view and track your baby’s nutrition and growth; receive personalized nutritional advice; place capsule orders or set up auto-replenishment on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It does not, however, turn the machine on and off or feed the baby for you... next time BabyNes.. Next time.. ;) 

What BabyNes does for us, is eliminate that time we spend getting the formula out of the cabinet, measure, filling, shaking. We get to hold our fussy baby and comfort him rather than have to put him at our feet while we prepare the bottle. It just takes that little bit of stress out of making a bottle that makes a big difference. 

Add it to your registry moms! Who knows maybe it will be the best shower gift you'll ever get! 


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