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Baking Kit | Gift Idea

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My niece, Emma, has a December Birthday like me and it's always hard to know what to get her because she will get a ton of toys and Christmas is just a week after her birthday. I wanted to get her something different this year for her 6th birthday, but could never figure out what. Then I remembered seeing this cute Minnie Mouse baking kit at Hallmark last month when we partnered with them. Why didn't I think of buying it for her then? I don't know... but I went back last Friday night and they had ONE left! So, I grabbed it, picked up some easy sugar cookie mix and packed it all together! How cute it this?! 

It even came with little bags and stickers, so she can participate in Betty Crocker's #SpreadCheer!

Even if you can't find a cute kit like this one to add some goodies to, you could totally make this yourself. Amazon has a ton of super cute kid's baking utensils  and this apron set.. SO CUTE!  I also found a few suitcases like this one from Land of Nod. Make your own little recipe cards or print these from Essentially Eclectic 

I also picked her up this fabulous shirt that I am jealous of and want and a Rapunzel card that you can make a lantern from. I also just heard from my sister that miss Emma told her brother this morning that she was SO excited to save her new baking kit to make cookies for Santa! Oh my heart!

If you are looking to spread a little cheer this christmas and beyond you can print some free tags from Betty here and check out some of the great recipes! 


  1. So freakin' cute, she is going to love it!

  2. That is a great idea! I need to do something like this for my son (not Minnie obviously ;) ). He loves to help me bake and could use cooking utensils his own size.


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