The Wilde Olive Blog: Bamboo Button Drool Bibs | Review


Bamboo Button Drool Bibs | Review

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thank you Bamboo Button for providing us with these super cute bibs for our littlest guy. We are putting them to good use!

Ezra has not been much of a bib wearer. We try but he can usually get them off without much effort because this guy has the strength and determination of  a bull. However, he is a huge mess maker. He is determined to feed himself and drink out of straw (non-spill proof) cups anytime we are out or happen to be using one ourselves. I found though, that when I put these on him and get it snapped and turned down properly on his chest, he doesn't mind them. Maybe it's a comfort thing, because they are so so soft.

The bibs have a soft 100% cotton front and a polyester fleece backing so they absorb drool and keep it from soaking through. They do a pretty good job on tears too since it's pretty inevitable that this little 15 almost 16 month old sheds his fair share of those these days! Life is hard for this bitty boy when he JUST can't get what he wants.... like permission to jump from the ottoman to the couch. 

I am so grateful for baby products that make everyday life just a little easier! You can find more information about Bamboo Buttons by checking them out on their website and instagram. They are currently having a great sale too.

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