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DIY Valentine Decor + Photo Backdrop

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Last year, we ( my sister andrea and I)  decided to try out the kissing booth idea for Valentine photos and it turned out really cute considering how chaotic it was. Ezra was so tiny still and didn't make the photos, and I was pretty freshly back to work and exhausted! So, this year I decided to simplify and create a Valentine's photo at home and BONUS it doubles as decor for the playroom, which I can't wait to show you all how it's been transformed and organized! I just need a little more time to get some things on the walls! 

We are using a twin bed in a "daybed" type set up in the playroom so it takes up a majority of the main wall you see as you walk into the playroom. Because I didn't want to use a lot of tape on the walls to hang this temporary decor, I used four command hooks, two on each side toward the end of the bed. This was VERY inexpensive, especially for the impact it makes.


  • 4 Command Hooks (for walls)
  • Bakers twine (but any string will work)
  • Clear tape
  • Heart doilies (3 packs, 1 white, 1 pink, 1 red) 
    • These came in packs of 40 for $1 - so since I had everything else already, I spent 3 dollars and I still have about 100 heart doilies to use for other projects! 

I laid out the doilies on the floor backside up, eyeballing how long I'd want each strand to be. Then, I rolled out the twine and cut it a bit longer than the length I though I'd need. Then using the clear tap I taped the sting to the back of the doilies.  I hung the the bottom two stands from the bottom hooks, just making a loop and knot with the string, and then the top two from the top hooks. I did have to use a few pieces of tape on the wall in the middle of the strands just to keep them from blowing around.

I love how it turned out for just fun Valentine Decor and for a photo backdrop!

More of our Valentine photo shoot coming next week! In the mean time, check out my ideas for a non-candy DIY Valentine Goodie Bag

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  1. What a great idea and your kids are just precious! Also, I need to buy white bedding.


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