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52 Weeks of Us | Week 8 | Starkville Mississippi Photography

Friday, March 4, 2016

This week I am sharing just Ezra since he turned 17 months old this week, I know I share him every week, but it's really hard not to. He's such a little ham these days and Jonah was actually in this shoot but one of the best photos of the two of them I shared in yesterday's post so be sure to check that out, not only to see J, but because there's a huge giveaway. =) 

Ezra has also been under the weather the past few weeks and now has RSV and is on nebulizer treatments that he hates with a passion. My poor little buddy, we were doing this at almost the exact same time last year. Hopefully, this will be short lived and he'll be feeling his old silly self again. 

Ezra17Months Chapel-of-Memories

Not that he lets a nasty old cough get him down too much, though. He just needs more snuggles. Truthfully, he's a pretty high demand kid anyway. Yes, he's independent and adventurous but he has to be watched like a hawk most of the time.


He is finally telling us a little more with words these days, but his vocabulary mostly consist of uuhhh and eehhhh. He does say our names, yogurt occasionally, I think he calls mickey mouse "duck" but that one is kind of up in the air. He certainly makes us laugh. He has learned "ready. set. GO" means to take off running and it's a pretty cool party trick that gets everyone smiling and wears him out. win. win!

He dances and stomps and tries really hard to jump, but those toes just won't lift off the ground. He still climbs, on everything, uses everyone's tooth brush, brushes his hair how he wants after I go through the effort of spraying and taming it every morning. I did cut his "bangs" last month, so technically he got his first hair cut, but I'm considering never cutting those curls. He has 6 teeth and more on the way soon. We haven't even thought about taking his paci away. He occasionally drinks out of bottle but has a NUK Cup that he has dubbed his fav, which is basically a bottle. The time is going too fast, yet I can't wait to see what he does next!


Location: Chapel of Memories, Mississippi State University
on Ezra: Empress Ants Linen Overall | Sea Wees by Saltwater

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