The Wilde Olive Blog: 52 Weeks of Us | Week 9


52 Weeks of Us | Week 9

Monday, March 14, 2016

I might get in super duper big trouble for posting this, but let's face it, he should have brushed his hair... ha! 

I hardly post photos of Wesley. He's not really into getting his picture taken and so in order to honor him in the same way I say I should honor myself and my motherhood and be IN photos with kids, here he is, IN photos with the kids. Ezra at least. This really is kind of E's MO... attached to DaDa. If he isn't climbing on something, running full speed after his brother, you can find him attached to someone's hip. We pass him back and forth like he's a hot potato. "Here hold the baby, I need to go to the bathroom, here hold him, I need to finish the dishes, here hold him, I need to get something out of the oven." Can you tell he's a bit of a hazard when left to his own devices? If one of us doesn't have him, we are like wait where's ezra and then we scramble to find him... usually standing on the stool in the bathroom brushing his teeth with daddy's tooth brush or feeding the dog and helping himself to a bite of kibble or two.

The boys love their DaDa. They wrestle and tumble and get into all kinds of trouble together. Living in a house of all boys isn't always the most calming experience, but it's never short on excitement! 

By the Way: I am loving a good dark black and white edit these days. There's something so pure about highlighting JUST what's in the light that make a photograph so deep and interesting. There's a old film, but modern feel to this type of photograph that really speaks to me. 

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