The Wilde Olive Blog: 52 Weeks of US | Week 13 | Ezra Oliver 18 Months


52 Weeks of US | Week 13 | Ezra Oliver 18 Months

Thursday, April 21, 2016

We are well passed 18 months at this point but before he makes it to nineteen months I guess I better get this post up! This little dude has changed SO much since the last update I did on him. He's such a big boy in so many ways, but still my snuggly baby too. He makes my heart happy and and gives me a heart attack at the same time!

This post might have been the last update I did and he has certainly changed but so much is still the same. I have to say though, at this point I am a little less fearful of his wildness, but when taking the photo above, I did have to prevent him from (1) running into the pond full speed and (2) throwing his brother's bunny right in when I told him no. When he get's a wild hair, you better be fast, because he will be gone. If a child ever needed a leash in public for safety, it's this one. He is the child the parent carries out of the store over their shoulder kicking and screaming. He's not really unhappy he just wants down and doesn't want you to tell him what to do. I often get blamed for that little temper of his, but I say he belongs to my little sister! 

It feels like I spend a lot of time telling stories about his misadventures, but really his happiness and snuggliness far outweigh any of that! He is the best at curling up in your arms and laying his head just perfectly on your shoulder. I swear he could just melt me to pieces. Oh and when I tell him to say he's sorry, he gives sweet hugs - this is mostly to his brother - who he emulates constantly. 

He's funny and loves to make you laugh by doing silly things like hiding for a little game of peek-a-boo or spinning in circles and dancing. He also loves to pretend to talk on the phone and take pictures of things. Who knew he was my child. OH and his sweet little smile is heart achingly cute! 

We love our little buddy and can't remember how we even did life without him!

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