The Wilde Olive Blog: Baby Organization: Tips and Tricks for Better Beginnings


Baby Organization: Tips and Tricks for Better Beginnings

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

When we were expecting our first baby, my sweet little Jonah, we designated a kitchen cabinet to all things baby stuff! It worked well to have it all in one place, but we still wound up with things all over the kitchen. We had plates piled up and that were always falling over and so many cups and bottles that they just spilled out of the cabinet or made their home on the counter-top drying rack. I'm not saying that's completely changed and there aren't sippy cups found under beds and behind tents (*cough* Ezra we know that one was you) but they do have a home. Admittedly, I am not the most organized person in the world, but I have learned that when things have a specific home, they tend to get put back there more often. So, here's how we're using that system in our kitchen and hopefully it will inspire a new mom out there for a better beginning with baby

  1. Decide what you want where. 
    This will be different for everyone. What works for us may not work for you and the layout of your kitchen/home. We don't have a pantry, but we do have plenty of cabinet storage. So, I split up our "baby stuff". I basically took the plates and bowls out of this cabinet and put them in a lower space with other plastic/paper wares and made this our morning cabinet. It has everything we need to start the day and be on our way to school, Mother's Morning Out, work or wherever we are heading! We, of course, use it other times because of it's contents, but I use this cabinet and the fridge most weekday mornings and that's it! It contains: breakfast, medications, vitamins, bottles, sippy cups, cereal, cereal bars, ready-to-eat squeeze pouches, and other snacks. It used to also contain pump supplies and formula. 
  2. Make a home for everything.
    The more contained the better. For the kitchen, I like plastic bins. These actually only cost $1 EACH and we have had them for over a year, maybe longer. They can be washed out with soap or put into the dishwasher!
  3. Make some labels! This is a huge help, not only for you but for other's caring for your children and when children can recognize their names, they will know where to find what they are looking for.  I recently updated the labels to suit our current needs. I use to create the design, print and laminate. My old labels were "laminated" with packing tape and it still worked great. 
  4. Keep only what you are currently using! Check all medications and snacks for expiration dates. If a cup or bottle has lost it's parts or it's ability to ACTUALLY be spill proof, toss it! We are bad about just keeping the ones they love or saying we'll order the part, etc. Just buy something new and better quality! 
  5. Narrow it down! This is kind of a continuation of number 4, but if you don't love something toss it! We have gone through pretty much every bottle brand, but over the last year with Ezra, I found myself reaching for these Playtex bottles (affiliate) more than any other, so see ya later other bottles. 
    • We like the Anti-Colic Bottom Vent which makes for fewer air bubbles and a happier tummy! Ezra spit up SO MUCH. The tiny anti-colic bottom vents keep air at the back of the bottle, so pretty much no air mixes with the milk and gets into their tummies.
    • The angled design promotes the semi-upright feeding position, recommended by pediatricians for bottle feeders to help prevent ear infections. We like it for self-feeding too as you can see below!  
    • The Most Like Mom® NaturaLatch® Nipple mimics the breast to help baby latch on naturally and allows for easier switching between breast and bottle-feeding! That always makes it easier on mom and makes for better beginnings for baby!

What are your tips for baby organization? 

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  1. This is like my dream cabinet organization. I am terrible at this with everything spilling out. I am going to try and take this inspiration. I love the idea of a breakfast cabinet too! #client


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