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A Fruit Infused Afternoon | RECIPE

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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Is it really only Wednesday? This week has seemed so long! We are having a great week, our third week at home, the boys and I, together. This week we are running out the door in the morning for Vacation Bible School and spending our afternoons trying to be lazy (maybe that's just me) because it is HOT outside already here in Mississippi. While I love summer and time spent outside, it's hard to spend too much time out in the sun on a Mississippi afternoon. So, we go out, splash a little water around and make sure my tomatoes have enough water, then we head back in for some indoor play and rest time.

If Ezra naps in the afternoon, Jonah will usually have a little quiet time in my bed while I clean up a bit or do a little work behind the camera or on my computer. THIS is when I mostly take a little time to enjoy a little fruit infused afternoon refresher.

Let me back track just a second though. I am awful at drinking water. I will do it if I have a bottle or glass of water in front of me, but if I'm walking to the fridge, I am usually tempted to grab something else...something with a little flavor. Enter my love for sparkling water. More specifically flavored sparkling water. These have been a staple in our fridge for a long time now and have almost totally wedged out my favorite diet soda. I just love the fizziness and flavor, especially on a hot afternoon after playing with boys.

Recently, I discovered the best way to drink my sparkling water. Sometimes, I put grapefruit, peppermint, or lemon vitality oils in my sparkling water, but I also LOVE real fruit infusion! You can do that so many ways, it's really up to you, but I'm going to share my secret (or not so secret) way to prepare a delicious glass of Fruit Infused DASANI® Sparkling Water

Step One: 

Pick up some DASANI® Sparkling Water at Walmart, along with some lemons, strawberries and/or whatever fruits you want to pair with your water! I chose the BERRY Flavor this time, but I can't wait to try Pineapple.

Step Two: When you think it's almost a part of the day when you can squeeze in a little "me time" or a "break for bubbles" as Dasani like's to say,  place your can into the freezer and set your microwave timer (or whatever kitchen time you use) for 10-30 minutes. Your beverage won't freeze in that time period, but I just love it to be super cold! It may become a bit slushy if you leave it for 30 minutes! 

 Step Three: Cut up some of your favorite fruits! Lemon is great with sparkling water because the carbonation and the acidity of the fruit give it an extra burst of flavor and fizziness when combined! We also already had strawberries in the house, so I thought I'd add a little extra fresh berry flavor!

Step Four: Fill a glass with crushed iced add your strawberries and squeeze some lemon juice over the ice.

Step Five: Add your DASANI® Sparkling Water

and finally, ENJOY! 

Fruit Infused  DASANI® Sparkling Water! Don't those bubbles look refreshing!?

What are some ways you enjoy a tiny break in the afternoon? We know you already love DASANI, have you tried DASANI® Sparkling Water yet?! 

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  1. This looks oh-so-refreshing and absolutely perfect for an afternoon pick me up! ~ Client


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