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Happy July | Foodstirs Star Sparkler Cookie Pops

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy 4th Weekend America! and a Happy belated Canada Day to our friends north of the border. We don't have huge plans for the holiday, just visiting with family and trying to enjoy daddy's three day weekend, while mommy tries to sneak in a little work! 

On Friday, we decided it was time to start celebrating and I got to tell Jonah a little about what we are actually celebrating. That's so fun now that he's old enough to kiiinnnddd of understand geography and where we live, etc. So, while my niece and nephew were over hanging out with us for the day, we brought out our most recent Foodstirs Kit and started creating. Jonah usually helps me with the egg breaking and mixing but since there were so many of them, I decided to go ahead and make the dough while they were "resting" slash watching TV. Emma did help me with the delicious icing making though and we liked that mixer clean afterwards! 

I let each kid cute at least two cookies. Some of us (Benjamin) lost interested after one or two. Then they helped me with the sticks and the best part they each got to decorate two of their own stars! It turned out so cute and they were so proud. 

and on top of the cuteness and how proud they were of their creations, they tasted pretty good too! The icing mix calls for greek or plain yogurt and (this is the second time) I only had flavored, so strawberry Chiobani makes pretty awesome strawberry icing by the way.

Have you tried Foodstirs? I have really enjoyed everything we've made from them, it's a little pricey. I think because all of the ingredients are organic, plus you are getting all of the supplies. If you are a regular baker, then you'd probably have all of these ingredients on hand but I feel like I'm making more from scratch than I usually would. You would definitely spend more for this project if you had to buy everything individually, just something to think about. I honestly wish I would have come up with this concept! =)

Happy Weekend friends! Make something delicious and do something fun!

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