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Ezra's Paw Patrol 2nd Birthday Party!

Monday, October 3, 2016

We went a little Paw Patrol crazy for our "pups" loving little two year old's birthday! I shared the photos I took of him prior to his party if you want to check those out and I will probably do a second party post to include photos of friends and family during the party since I tend to go a little photo crazy!

For his party, I wanted it to be obviously Paw Patrol but in a simplified way! I decided to base the decor around the black and white paw prints when I saw a similar wall on Pinterest. Then, I decided to use red and blue as the main pops of color for the rest of the party decor. In the past, I've gone all out and decorated all the main rooms of our home, but this time since I knew we'd just be hosting family mostly, I kept most of the decor to just this featured wall and the table in our eat-in kitchen area.

The Sweets. 

I reached out to friends on Facebook to suggest a cookie maker that was local and I hit the jackpot! Cuppycakes and Cookies by Josie did a fabulous job on the cookies! They were impeccable, soft and tasted really good! I could not have been happier! I even decided at the last minute to use one of the "2" cookies for the cake topper.

I made the plain white cake with whipped butter cream icing. I did two 8 inch layers and used a small bone cookie cutter to cut fondant. This was my first time using fondant and I am very happy with how it turned out. I am definitely still an amateur but on a whim I just bought the small prepackaged Blue Vanilla Wilton Fondant and my sister and I had a little fun watching Youtube and playing with fondant. I actually had a lot left over after we cut all of the bones and the paw prints on the top of the cake. At the last minute, I decided to add the pom pom ribbon to add a pop of red. The pups are some we already had that I washed well with dish soap before adding them to the cake!

The Decor: 

The Paw Prints I used for the wall were made of vinyl and cut on a Silhouette Cameo - every birthday party's best friend! I also cut the white bones for the dog bowls. 

I am a firm believer that balloons add a big impact to every party! Pick a theme and roll with it! I usually buy a helium tank and blow up the balloons myself. 

The big "2" is the same one from Ezra's photos I took three weeks prior to his party. Did you know that those guys can be re-inflated? Because they are self closing, you can just insert a straw to deflate and save! Below you will see the gold E that I actually used for his birthday last year. It's actually still floating on my ceiling today.

The Pom Pom Ribbon came from the gift wrapping section at Target and the red came from the fabric section at Walmart but you can find them both here on Amazon. I created the tissue paper tassels because I don't like the ones you buy that are all scrunched up. It's really easy and doesn't take very long. Here is a tutorial I did with fabric, but with the tissue paper all you have to do is twist it at the top. No glue or tape. 

The Food: 

We picked up some pulled pork to do make your own sliders. We created a meat and cheese tray with my favorite little bone cookie cutters. Confession, I couldn't decide what to do with the bone cutters and then wound up using them for everything

We served a cold Creamy Corn Dip and my favorite hot Creamy Creole Spinach and Artichoke Dip. The bone chips we made from tortillas and they were perfect for the spinach dip. If that's something you want to learn more about let me know because they were so awesome, fun and easy to make! I can do a tutorial if you guys want.

The Fun: 

We wound up splurging on a bounce house and it was a huge hit! We even found someone really close by that had a Paw Patrol theme and the guy said that Paw Patrol was the most popular, so I'm glad we wound up getting it kind of last minute. 

I was worried the kids wouldn't have enough to do, without completely destroying our playroom, so I bought these, Super Pups Paw Patrol Capes and Masks. They were a big hit and they were sort of an extra present for the boys to play with well beyond the party. So, for the price, they served as decor, entertainment and a gift. Big brother is really into dress up right now, so he got a little something out of the day too!

Ezra had a blast! It was so cute when he realized we were all singing to him and the cake was for HIM! He makes my heart so happy!

Happy Birthday to my littlest man! Are you planning a Paw Patrol party for your little one this year? I think this theme could be centered around any of the pups with just a change of color scheme. For example instead of red and blue, you could do pink and purple for Skye or Yellow and Brown for a Rubble themed party if your little one has a favorite pup!

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