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Escape Room at Home | Family Game Night

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My family used to be really big game people! We loved board games growing up and even as young adults would buy games to play at family dinners and gatherings. Then, once my sister's and I started having kids, we kind of put that aside. You know, we were distracted with the cuteness and sleepiness of having young babies and activity toddlers. A couple of years ago, we started to kind of start our traditions back up. We'd play a game at the table, while the kids played and the men "watched" the little ones. It's so much fun to have an activity to make the night more lively. It gets people off their phones and around the table. Plus, a heathy dose of victory is always good when you are constantly losing those parenting battles.

So, when I heard about Escape Room The Game, I thought it would be perfect to liven up our family gatherings. It's a little more action than we are used to, so I thought we would try it out!

This game is set up like an Escape Room but on a smaller scale. Those always look so fun, if not a little stressful! Make sure you set aside at least 60 minutes to play this game and have enough people to help you think through he clues. Anyone can do it, you just have to think and work together. It's definitely an experiment in teamwork! You are all on one side too, so you are basically competing with each other instead of against each other, so it's great for family or friends you are just getting to know! 

There are four game themes and they get harder as you go through them. Prison Break, Nuclear Countdown, Virus and Aztec Temple. Watch the video here: to see a bit more about how the game works and watch the instructions. I had to watch them a couple of times and then refer back to the printed instructions to get a grasp of where everything was and what to use where. The basic goal of Escape Room is to find the code/keys in the right order to move on to the next level. There are levels within levels too, so it's exciting to hear that little success sound when you've cracked a code! 

You can even download the Escape Room The Game APP to your phone for an enhanced experience! There are sound effects and a way to share a photo of you and your friends when you escape. It's really fun!

You can get ESCAPE ROOM THE GAME HERE for your next game night! Come back and share with us your experience! It really is fun for family gatherings this holiday season!

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