The Wilde Olive Blog: Thanksgiving 2016 | a few casual family photos


Thanksgiving 2016 | a few casual family photos

Thursday, December 8, 2016

I meant to post this like a week ago, but busy busy bees we are! Thanksgiving this year kind of snuck up on me I think. It was wonderful though. I was busy working in the days surrounding the holiday, but I got some time to relax a little too. I mean as much as you can relax with two active boys. Plus, since my birthday falls just a few days after Thanksgiving, I always get a few happies! =) 

Even though, I was technically working, mostly photographing family members for Christmas cards, it was really nice to not have to dread going back to work (at my full time hospital job that I left back in May) after the break. I can say that I actually looked forward to Monday rolling around, so I could spend some time with the sessions I had the week before the holiday. This is the first year I have gotten to experience that, well actually I was on maternity leave for the two thanksgivings after the boys, but that's a whole different thing. I think the same feeling will carry over to Christmas too this year. Even though, financially, I won't be in the same place I was last year with ALL the jobs, I will be less stressed about all of the responsibility. I am so grateful for this year. Truly. Enough of my ramblings. 

Back to Thanksgiving. We did what we do nearly every year. Family, Football, more Family. Oh and all the eating that comes with that! The boys got to play with cousins and cousins and more cousins! This is my favorite part. Getting to spend real time with family. Yes we are always tending to kids but they are starting to entertain each other without too much refereeing. Ezra is everybody's baby and eats that up! Being the baby of both mine and Wesley's family, he has no shortage of attention or people willing to get him snacks and milk and take him outside. I do still have to keep tabs on him though, because he's Ezra and that means... well you just never know what death defying stunt he'll attempt next. Like those stairs (see picture above) those stairs... 

At my grandma's house, he's not the baby anymore but he is very loved and entertained. There's no shortage of space to run and romp and hay bales to bounce on! Jonah thrives in these environments when he's surrounded by people he loves. He loves to play with the older kids and show off all the neat stuff his little brother can do. He also shows how much he takes care of him. We don't notice that as much when we are at home, but he really does look out for E (when they aren't body slamming each other). 

I am going to stop rambling now and talk about this light on that Saturday afternoon. The temperature was perfect, the sun was amazing. The perfect Mississippi Fall day. Don't be afraid to just point and shoot right at the sun because you never know when you might get that perfect glow! 

I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving this year and I hope the holiday season blesses you beyond measure! 

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