The Wilde Olive Blog: Why Moms Love Baby Wearing, Choosing a Baby Carrier, and a $50 GIVEAWAY


Why Moms Love Baby Wearing, Choosing a Baby Carrier, and a $50 GIVEAWAY

Friday, December 16, 2016

Last week, I came across a photo of my youngest, Ezra and I, during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. He was just a tiny two months old and we were getting used to life with two boys. I always say that, hands down, the best gift I received for my second baby was a wrap. It was one of the most used items in the first few months of his life. He loved it and so did I! For his first year, I carried him everywhere while my 3 year old, Jonah, rode in carts or tagged along hand in hand. Having babies in the Fall, means a holiday season with a tiny one in tow. You just have to make it work and that's where wraps and baby carriers are a life saver!

Baby Carrier Wrap

For my husband's work Christmas party that year, I got dressed, we took Jonah to his cousins' house to play and went to the party. I nursed Ezra when we got there, put in him the wrap and attended the party while he slept. Everyone was amazed that he just slept right through it all. I wasn't though because of course he did, he was snuggled up with me the whole time!

It can be overwhelming trying to choose what kind of baby carrier is right for you. There are so many baby carriers  out there now and honestly different moms (and dads) find that they love the fit and style of different ones.
Ergo at the Beach! 

With our oldest, my husband mostly wore him on neighborhood walks and to different events. Since I had a surgery that involved my abdomen when he was 11 weeks old, I found it difficult to carry him for a while after, but if I had known the option of a wrap or a carrier that fit my body better, I may have worn him more in those early days. We had an infantino carrier and it worked great for my husband. With my second, I did a little more research and , as I said, I used a Solly Wrap and then the Ergo until he was a little over a year old... but I don't just want you to take my word for it. Baby wearing is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as not only a response to crying, but to prevent crying and promote parent-infant attachment and the baby’s development. These are not new findings either, a 1986 study showed that carrying babies at least three hours a day reduces crying and fussing 43% during the day and 51% at night. Babies are happier because they have less need to cry, and parents enjoy their babies more as a result. 

To help you all understand what the experience is really like and why so many moms and dads can't stop talking about baby wearing and their favorite baby carriers, I asked some friends to share their experiences with you!

The Adventurous Mom

I use my Tula a ton! The best parts of baby wearing is the convenience of doing various activities (hiking, sports events, events with large crowds) while being able to hold your baby securely. When he was much younger, I went to a cavern in Florida  he napped then woke up and nursed. No one ever knew because I just put the hood on and you couldn't see. I felt we both benefit from it by more physical contact, the ability to hold him for longer periods of time in a carrier where his legs fall naturally so they weren't stiff and in many ways just being so close to comfort and love on him in a reassuring manner. I love baby wearing and need to get a toddler carrier soon! They get big fast! Sarah H.

The Preemie Mom

Ryder was a micropreemie! He came home from the NICU at just 6lbs so we used a Moby wrap then. It was helpful to put him in after feedings and keep him upright to help with his reflux. Also I wore him a lot to keep him close to me and away from germs! As he got bigger and into toddlerhood, the Tula was a lifesaver. He deals with some sensory issues and overstimulation so taking him out places we could wear him and he'd feel comfortable. It has also been great for walks and outdoor activities. We love baby wearing!! Sarah E. 

I had a Moby wrap and loved it. When Ian made it home from the nicu he just wanted to be held, so it helped me oblige! And it was also great bonding/snuggling time! Sometimes it was the only way he stopped crying.
Audrey J. 

The Multi-Tasking Mom

I didn't start babywearing until my second baby was about 3 months old. I dreaded going to the grocery store, to a park, or really going on any type of outing alone with both kids. Until a friend of mine told me about babywearing. I started with a moby wrap and I loved it, but I wasn't so crazy about convenience. It was really long and it took me a while to actually get it on, that's when I realized wrapping wasn't for me! Then I was gifted an Ergo, I loved how easy it was to put on and off and get baby into! I wore my son everywhere! I was no longer intimidated by outings alone with the kids! I was able to get everyday things done around the house that I wasn't able to do before (I had a very clingy breastfeeding mama's boy). 

Through the last year of my babywearing experience I have tried just about EVERY type of carrier. My favorite carrier had to be the Beco Gemini! The versatility of this particular carrier was awesome! Now that my son is older and bigger I always find myself reaching for my LennyLamb soft structure Carrier! Babywearing has changed my life and I can't wait to tandem wear with my new baby boy in February! Tiffany M. 

The 2 Under 2 Mom

I have two kids under two! If I didn't wear one I'd go insane! Honestly, it feels wonderful having baby close to me and is so soothing for him. My pics aren't professional bc it's always me and the kids when I'm wearing. Selfie! On the beach and after shots.
Kari R. 

The Colic Mom

I had a Solly baby wrap and we loved it. It was the only way some days I could get anything done (clean, make coffee, pee). He had colic and reflux when he was really little and hated lying down. This way, I could keep him upright and still be a functioning human being!
Anna H. 

The Special Needs Mom

I love baby wearing because I could carry Prestyn in the carrier while pushing Carsyn in his wheelchair! Sarah Halstead of Whimsy and Hope

Loved baby wearing so I could be multi functional. With 2 kids 27 months apart it helped. We voted baby wearing in early election!! He was 26 months in the picture! He's in a lillebaby.
Amber D.

The Farming Mom
Babywearing has made so many things easier - household and farm chores, grocery shopping, outdoor events - especially since my daughter grew big enough to back carry. We used a K'tan, then a ring sling, but we love our Lenny Lamb SSC the most!
Jennifer J.

Baby wearing makes getting things done so much easier. I worry less when in public about my kiddo running around and frankly both my girls have loved being carried. My arms appreciate being able to carry them on my back.  Callee S. 

Babywearing was the only way I did anything with Josie. Up until recently, she would nurse the whole time I was grocery shopping or finished baking cookies today when she got fussy? Regann L. 

Of course, baby wearing may not be the best option for everyone and that's okay too. If you have a baby with special needs, please consult your child's physician before using a baby carrier. 

Now, guess what! You guys get the chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate! Check out what has to offer. All you have to do is leave a comment sharing something you love about baby wearing or the carrier you want to try next! 

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  1. I am really excited to start our baby wearing journey again in April with baby number 2! I currently have the Solly Baby wrap on my list to try and already have a sling for baby girl.

  2. I have always loved the Baby Bjorn carrier.

  3. Great giveaway. You included me in the post, but I also loved the bond I felt while baby wearing.

  4. Baby Carrier's really do make the mom life easier :D

  5. I've hesitated to wrap (mostly b/c I'm too lazy to learn), but I'd like to give it a try before my LO is too big for a beginner. Carriers are just so easy, but wraps look awfully snuggly!

  6. I love that baby wearing is convenient.

  7. I have the baby bjorn but would love to try the boba carrier! Baby wearing makes getting a things done around the house so much easier!


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