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Goldfish Moments | Creating a Stop Motion Xperience

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I will be the first to admit, entertaining little ones while it's cold and gloomy outside during the winter months is not my favorite past time. Yes, I love playing with the kids and doing crafty things, but sometimes it's difficult to balance everything and everybody's needs. So, often Jonah and I try to take advantage of Ezra's nap time to do something creative. He really needs that Mommy time just to himself. 

We like to pick up craft kits when they are on sale, drawing books, and try new things! 

I was inspired by Goldfish to create something special using our favorite crackers. So, Monday after school, Jonah and I created some pictures using his new set of geometric tiles for inspiration! Then, we used our imaginations to take it one step further. We learned together how to make a stop motion video using a free app on my phone. 

Jonah was in charge of sorting through all of the colors and taste testing our beautiful new flower! This activity included counting, color matching, sorting, geometry, and all sorts of math skills. Then, we threw in the challenge of making these little Goldfish animated! I downloaded a stop motion app to my phone since it would be much easier for him to help just using my phone and we did a little trouble shooting to figure out how to prop the phone up to get the best shot. Let's just say Mama came up with a brilliant idea that involved a basket, some books, a tray and some modeling clay as a tripod.  We cleaned one of my vinyl backdrops and used cups from the kitchen for sorting... and snacking. 

For our first shot I think we did pretty good. The task of the flower was a bit much for a 5 year old, but I had some fun with it too! Check out our video! 

Visit the Goldfish Tales Animation Xperience, make your own stop motion video and enter to win

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