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Let's Go See | Chataqua Park Crystal Springs, MS

Monday, March 20, 2017

While the boys were out of Preschool for Spring Break, we decided we needed to fill all that time with a little adventuring! We live a little less than three hours from New Orleans, so while Wesley had to work, my mom and I decided to take the boys on a short little trip. We looked up a few (free) places to stop on our way and decided to leave mid-morning on Wednesday with plans to spend the night in NOLA and hit up the Audubon Zoo on Thursday. So, our lunch stop was to Chataqua Park in Crystal Springs, MS. 

NaNa (my mom) had been there before. Being a retired Forester, she is pretty familiar with parks and sites around the state. Chataqua is a great little spot right off of I-55 if you are ever traveling South and need a rest stop. There was a great play ground, a beautiful lake, disc golf course, a few nice covered pavilions and plenty of trails. We missed the Tree Tops Trails this time, so we may have to make a trip back for that one. I have to say, it did need a little clean up in some areas, but I think that's to be expected during spring break in a public park. It's also not quite Spring clean up time, so I'm hoping if we stop again the "Oriental Garden" will be groomed a little more. 

There were lots of geese and ducks! They were pretty used to people too, so I think it's their full-time home. Ezra had to tell them to "shew" a few times during our picnic.

Ezra during out picnic at Chataqua Park - it was sunny but WINDY!

The swinging bridge was obviously my favorite photo-op. It was really just the most shaded spot during our walk where I didn't have to hold tight to a tiny hand while navigating the terrain. I also had a little issue with my favorite lens and didn't get some of the shots I wanted, which makes me want to cry a little, but we still had a good time discovering a new place!

 It was unexpectedly cold for us this week, since it's been a super mild winter. We brought all the layers but couldn't quite decide what to wear. This may be why there are no pictures of me at the park. I had on a variety of layers that didn't quite go together, but they kept me cozy! =)

Keep It Weird Y'all T-shirt from Zany Du Designs

Ezra wasn't exactly into me taking his picture after our hike... so this is what you get! He had a great time and talked and talked all the way through the park. His new favorite question... "what's that noise?" We hear it on repeat! He wants to know EVERYTHING! Perfect timing to take him to some new unfamiliar places where he can learn and discover the world. 

We planned to possibly stop at another park, but spent so much time at Chataqua, we hit New Orleans just in time to grab some dinner and head back to the hotel for a good night's sleep. 

and a little bed jumping... 

I am hoping this is the beginning of our Spring and Summer series of "Let's Go See" posts. Whether the location is right in our backyard, state, or across the country we are looking forward to some adventures in 2017! 

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