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Ezra Oliver | Two and a Half

Monday, April 3, 2017

Ezra officially hit the 2 1/2 mark last week and I thought since I hadn't done an update type post in a while, I'd take a little time to talk about this crazy-haired self-proclaimed monster of a boy! The last time I posted an update on my Ezzie man was probably at 2 years old. It's funny how much and how little he's changed since September. His language skills have developed at lightening speed but his little personality has pretty much remained that same... fiery, determined, adventurous, hilarious, intuitive, snuggable and lovable! 

He's a boy who knows what he wants out of life! He still struggles a little with communicating his needs and we have to work hard to remind him to slow down and talk to us. He's learning a lot of lessons the hard way these days and we are learning right along with him. He needs freedom and sunshine and that's why we love living in Mississippi... most of the time!

He loves his brother fiercely and wants to be just like him. He just hates to sit on the sidelines and wants to be and do everything brother does. He picks up a toy or even one of brother's books and proclaims it to be his! He watches brother play T-Ball and proclaims "I T-Ball" and there is so little you can do to deter him. We are going to have a super fun T-Ball Season! Pray for us? Hopefully, I'll get to watch Jonah play a little...

The only place he won't try new things is around the dinner table! The boy loves his breads, fruits, and dairy... hey that's about half of the food groups right? If you put spaghetti and french fries in a different food group, he'll have that one covered too! 

With ALL of his quirks and determination comes so much fun and laughter! He knows how to make you laugh and just loves to be funny! He will laugh so hard at himself and roar like a dinosaur or growl like he's a monster! He has started talking with his toys, making his paw patrol act out shows or something but you can barely understand a words and it is IS THE cutest thing I have ever seen/heard. He laughs that big laugh, like big gasps of air and it makes me laugh every time!  He's quick to say he's sorry, if he makes a mistake and gives the best goodnight kisses and hugs. He begs for "Bro Bro Kiss" and "Mama Kiss" before he goes to lay down with daddy for the night. 

How I love these boys and this little one that we enjoy so much! I pray that he grows slowly and I get to savor every moment of his littleness, as hard as toddlerhood is sometimes, I know I was meant for him and him for me! 

Happy Half Birthday Ezzie!

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