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Let's Go See | Jackson Hole, WY

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Earlier this month we took a trip of a lifetime out West. I'll be posting a series over the next few weeks detailing our travels and offering anything I can on sights to see, tips and just don't do its. I will also be sharing lots and lots of photos. I wasn't sure exactly how to break down the trip but I think I've nailed down that I want to go day-by-day as we traveled Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and the surrounding areas, but I want to start with Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

We began and ended out trip in Jackson Hole. We decided due to airfare and our time constraint to drive to New Orleans and fly into Jackson Hole, WY since that's where we'd also be ending our trip. We didn't spend a whole lot of time IN the towns of Jackson so I've lumped in the first day and last days of our trip into one post since that's the time we spent in and around town. 

It was still very much Spring weather in early June compared to Mississippi and we were there after most of the snow melt and got to enjoy some nice days in the beginning of the trip and some cooler days at the end. This meant I had to pack for every scenario and honestly, we used nearly everything we packed. 

One of the big things we hyped up with the kids about this trip was all of the Wildlife we were going to see. So, Jonah was really excited that we saw this Ground Squirrel in Jackson Square the first morning we were there. It seems funny because it's just a squirrel, but when even the Urban wildlife is different, it's exciting! He made me take a picture and I'm glad he did! 

The first place we ate in Jackson Hole was The Bunnery Bakery & Resturant. We got there early because we were very ready to leave our Motel 6 (in which we almost didn't stay the night - it's not getting a recommendation here) but it was good we were early because by the time we left there was a hefty line to get a seat. This was a Sunday morning. The breakfast was AMAZING and way more than I could eat. If you have little kids, let them share because the portions were just so big! The boys loved the O.S.M. Pancakes and I just saw that they sell their mixes on Amazon (aff) so we may be cooking some Bunnery Pancakes very soon! 

That first day we just walked around a little, drove to see what was in town and checked out the Ski Slopes and some of the "Winter" places to stay. Then we hit the Smith's grocery and headed out to the Tetons since we were meeting the family in Cooke City, MT that night (Sunday). 

At the end of the week, we made our way back to Jackson Hole and stayed in a much better mid-range motel called The 49er. On Friday night we ate (late) at Liberty Burger and it was very good. We got The Napa and Wild West burgers and split them so that we could try both!  

The rooms at The 49er were big enough, had great amenities with a small fridge and they had a really nice indoor pool and hot tub! It was cold and rainy out, so we made sure to spend a little time Saturday morning and evening at the pool. The kids had a blast! 

Midday Saturday, we had a scenic rafting trip on the Snake River planned and that was one of our biggest adventures of the trip. After a beautiful week, it turned cold and rainy on Friday and Saturday, so our trip didn't really go as planned/hoped. We took the lunch trip and a picnic lunch was provided for us. The guides were very accommodating and knew what they were doing, but it was COLD. The water was freezing. It was in the mid 40's with no sunshine. So, we cruised right past our picnic lunch and nibbled out sandwiches in the boat. This trip would have been fantastic a little later in the summer.

We did get to see two Bald Eagles and their fantastic nest on the Snake River. We saw beaver dams and a few marmot on the bank. We learned that the river was really flooded because they'd gotten 180% of the typical annual snowfall. Honestly, we mostly just froze but it was still exciting. Soemthign that the kids had never done and Jonah (Ezra actually fell asleep for about an hour of the two hour trip) will always remember.

After freezing, we went back to the motel and spent a little time in the hot tub at the hotel and it was glorious until the kids wanted to get in the pool! haha

After a little swimming, we rested in our room, then went to eat for my SIL, Lacey's birthday at a wonderful restaurant called Calico in Wilson, WY. It was such a beautiful setting and the weather cleared up. The kids got to play on the green between the restaurant and the brewery/restuarant next door while we waited on our dinner.

The food was very good, as was the wine, but the setting and gardens were beautiful!  We had to take a few photos before leaving. After a gloomy, cold day, the sunset was amazing.

Our last night was well spent with the whole family. I was sad to go home but so so tired at the same time. I will say that there's a lot more I want to do in Jackson Hole.

I feel like we didn't' really get the whole experience since we spent a majority of our trip North, so one day I hope we get to go back, maybe even in the winter. I want to shop, try more restaurants, stay at one of the resorts maybe or just discover the town and more of the Grand Tetons that we didn't get to see.

I can't wait to share the parts we did get to see though in my next post as we traveled from Jackson to Cooke City, MT. I feel like I was blown away by how beautiful the mountains were. I hope I can share just a little of what it was like to experience God's beauty up close and personal and inspire you to see it for yourself.

Stay tuned for our next Let's Go See post! In the meantime though, check out some of the suggested posts at the bottom of this page.

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