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Potty Training | Here We Go Again

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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It's that time again y'all. The time every parent looks forward to but also dreads! We look forward to being rid of all things diaper, but sometimes the process can be dreadful. When Jonah was training, I wrote lots of posts about it and used a multi-faceted approach. In my most popular potty training post, I shared some things I learned in the thick of it and the number one thing that still rings true is that every kid will not easily train the same way. This is a lesson I have learned with Ezra that applies to basically every area of parenting. My boys are very different. While both energetic and pretty easy to get along with, Ezra's strong determination and drive make him a whole different animal, requiring an entirely different approach. 


Ezra has already passed the age Jonah was when we began training, but we did still have major setbacks at at this age still and struggled with the potty adventures more after Ezra was born. Jonah was about two years and seven months when we began really training, but he was introduced to the potty much earlier. Ezra is two years and nine months now and while I know he can be ready, I also know it's going to take him longer and require more involvement on my part. He will be starting  back to Mother's Morning Out in August and while it's not a requirement for his class, I know that most of the kids will be fully trained. So, there is understandably some pressure happening for us to get in the game. So, here we are, taking our first steps toward being potty ready.

Things I do have this time around that work to my advantage, a little more knowledge than I had last go-round and a big brother to help guide the way.


So, here we are at Step One in our journey and thanks to our Sam's Club trip last week, we now have Pull-Ups® Learning Designs®! We went into the club to let him pick out the design he wanted, but next time (if we need more) I will probably just grab them on or use the pick up service. 


We are using Pull-Ups, not as a fail-safe, but as an introduction tool. He will learn how to pull them on and off like underwear, but they are still easy to open on the sides when we need a clean up. They also have a disappearing pattern so you can tell when he's wet. 

This is all part of Step Two, the new potty partnership that will allow us to train using his personality style. I learned toward the end of Jonah's potty journey that Pull-Ups has a wealth of knowledge to pull from and the new personality style quiz is SO ON POINT!


I knew almost immediately that the "Squirrel" would describe Ezra, but went ahead and took the quiz and oh how right I was! Squirrels are always on the go and are not interested in slowing down. They are too busy and impatient for details – you can keep their interest through games and activities." The advice continues with not bothering to go over the details of the potty, because he won't be interested and to move on to the potty games provided by the Time to Potty app and honestly, I couldn't agree more and expect this to work to get Ezra started. He will sit on the potty now, but not for long and he rarely does any business there because he's ready to move on. The hard work, I think will be helping him to learn his body's cues. I don't think he's there yet, which has made me hesitant to train. 


He is SO into these Pull-Ups though and ready for this step. So, look out world, Ezra is organizing the bathroom and taking control!


I know I have to make this fun for him and each step of the way, I have to keep my cool and be encouraging. His high energy and determination make me a little nervous, BUT we've made it through all of our toddler milestones unscathed so far and we can do this too! 


Have you taken the personality test? I'd love to hear a success story potty training a squirrel! 

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