The Wilde Olive Blog: 5 ways we are getting off to a strong start (most mornings)!


5 ways we are getting off to a strong start (most mornings)!

Friday, September 15, 2017

It's been no secret that we have early mornings around here and we aren't really morning people. It's hard, still to get up and going before the sun rises. I feel like my body/brain weren't built for this! We've been doing pretty good though, except that one day when the TWO YEAR OLD refused to be put in the car. He didn't even have to go to school that day, he just didn't want to take his brother. Every other morning, we've been in a rush but haven't missed carpool line cut off (yet... don't jinx me!) So, today I am sharing just 5 things we are doing to make sure we are not only out the door on time, but alert and awake and ready for the day!

1. Pick out clothes for the week! I learned when Jonah was three that trying to make last minute decisions about clothes did not go well. He's mellowed out a little now, but still likes to have an opinion on what he wears. I typically let him choose the shirts and then go through and match pants/shorts to what he's chosen. At night when putting him to bed, I'll move that outfit to hang on the closet doorknob. When I wake him up, he knows where to find his clothes and that's typically the first thing he does is put them on. 

2. Get to bed on time! It's hard when the nights are filled with fun things and time with mom and dad, but sticking to a normal bedtime makes things so much better. Plus, getting IN the bed 15 minutes or so before "lights out" really helps them to settle down and fall asleep faster. 

3. Fix lunch the night before! Having the bento-type boxes makes this so much easier for me too. It helps me portion out food and come up with new ideas. Right after they are in bed and I'm tidying up a little, I go ahead and get lunch ready. I may even use some leftovers at this point depending on what we have. I then stick it in the fridge and it's ready to go in backpacks as we are fixing drinks and breakfast.  

4. Make sure backpacks are packed the night before, pull out any last minute items that need to be addressed in the morning before school. 

5. Help with and eat breakfast! We share breakfast duties, depending on if little brother gets up first, but we make sure he does EAT! Fixing is own breakfast with a little help from mom gets his brain working and his body moving. There are simple breakfasts that consist of just the toaster and other days they are more complicated, but him being able to use this time to wake up AND get something good in his belly gives me time to get myself dressed and little brother too! 

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