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Let's Go See | Jackson, MS #CitywithSoul #visitjackson

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

As we are getting ready to say goodbye to twenty seventeen and welcome the new possibilities of the new year, I have been making my lists of things I want to see and do in 2018. I want to make a few changes here in my little space that will hopefully help me start growing again and engage with all of you more and more! As school started and big life things happened, we kind of fell off the wagon with the Let's Go See series, BUT I have high hopes for what we will see, where we will go, and what we will do in 2018! Starting with some amazing new things right here in central Mississippi.

We spend a lot of FUN time in Jackson even though we don't technically live in the city anymore. I still miss our old Belhaven house all the time, our neighbors, and our location to fun things to do, but I also love where we live now and we are still close enough to visit museums, our favorite resturants, parks, and more any time we want! Just this past summer and fall we spent lots of time exploring in Jackson and I cannot wait to visit the new Mississippi History and Civil Rights Museums.

Visit Jackson has created an amazing Docu-Series highlightings the amazing things about the City of Jackson. Rita Brent and the friends she "meets" along the way are wonderful, entertaining and the documentary, in general, makes me miss living in the midst of Jackson's uniqueness and diversity even more. I am not sure why my site won't let me load Episode 4 any larger, but you can just click here: JACKSON: CITY WITH SOUL to see the whole series full screen! It's worth it. Local friends, you will see some familiar places and faces in this well-done hometown piece. 

Some posts I missed sharing during the busy season this Fall were our trip to the Ag Museum for the Pumpkin Palooza. We enjoyed Fall festivities, cookies and milk, and shopping in the general store. 

Just before school started with had a Clark family last hoorah at the Planetarium and the Mississippi Museum of Art!

The Mississippi Museum of Art: Art Garden is a favorite place of mine to take photos, especially in the spring, but also the splash pad and garden are completely free! In the docuseries, they call it the museums front yard and it's so true. It's been a place of many great memories for us. Good food, movies, and friend time. Always remember though, to bring an extra set of clothes, so you don't have to ride home in your underwear...

As you will see in Episode 4 of the docu-series, there are little pockets of places to visit where there are several attractions near each other, like the Children's Museum, LeFluer's Bluff playground/park, and The Museum of Natural Science. The Ag Museum and the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame are close by too. Also, close to these great attractions is Belhaven, where you can see some beautiful homes, Eudora Welty's home, grab a bite at Kiefers, Deep South Pops, or The Manship and visit Laural Park (one of my favorites). If you are visiting the Planetarium, swing by the Art Museum and Art Garden, then head over to Cathead Distillery for a tour. I could go on and on but I'll save it for hopefully some more travel posts in 2018! For now, I can't encourage you enough to check out the docu-series and explore our capital city.

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