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Sunday, March 10, 2019

So, you may have noticed a few changes over here. I have said goodbye to Behind the Camera and Dreaming. It's kind of sad for me to say goodbye to that name and dream, but after nearly TEN friggin' years of blogging, it is time for a change. I love this space and as you will see, it's still the same space, we just changed the name. It will take a while to get everything changed over and there will be things that always carry the Behind the Camera aand Dreaming title, but moving forward, we are The Wilde Olive Blog!

This is an opportunity for me and our family to spread our wings in a direction that I hope is right for us! In the fall of 2017, after Wesley's stroke and our car accident, I slowed down on blogging a good bit. It wasn't necessarily because of that, but at the time there were a lot of changes in our family dynamic. Jonah had just started kindergarten, Wesley actually had some big changes at work and with his schedule, Gray Mornings Photography was growing and changing and my passion for the type of blogging I was doing was waning a bit. I was finding it harder to be inspired when life was just too exhausting and my brain was otherwise occupied.

Then, in early 2018, my mom and I started our little Wilde Olive venture. We learned so much over the last year and found what we think is our happy place right now and our niche in vintage and vintage-inspired collections. We want to revisit our kid-focused passions hopefully at some point this year, but right now we are probably 85% vintage in our booth in Brandon. So, it's been fun to really focus on home decor this past year.

The point I'm trying to make here is that I want this blog to serve as an extension of our passions that led us to open our little (tiny) space! The blog is still fully me and my little fam, but I want to show you guys behind the scenes, vintage finds, how to find the good stuff as we learn too! I want to work on styling my own home in a way that inspires me and share that with you here! I want to include you in our travels to fun and sometimes creepy places to find the goodies! I want to show you how you can use vintage finds and new stuff from Target, Amazon and Home Goods all in the same space! I want to show you allll the DIYs. Those are some of my favorite and most visited posts from over the years here! I want this space to be defined as home, garden, and family adventures... in that order! After all, Wilde Olive is inspired by my bitty boys whose middle names happen to be "Wilder" and "Oliver"... just in case you were wondering what this space has to do with olives and why the random "e" was thrown in there. haha!

So, technically, I am still behind the camera and dreaming but hopefully with a new focus in mind. I hope you'll stick around, come back and even share with your friends and family. Follow on Instagram and Instagram stories as a preview or talk more about what you see here! My goal this year is to grow that space and this one together so again, I really hope you'll come along.

Thanks for supporting this little space and dream from behind your screens.

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