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Shared Boys Bedroom

Friday, March 15, 2019

This post has been a long time coming! I have been working on a big boy room for both boys to share for about nine months. The room has been functional and theirs for a long time but this fall, I really focused on it looking "done." 

A room that's done in this house though, never really stays that way. We just let it rest for a few months before I start moving things around again. So, we'll call this their "Fall/Winter Adventure Room Reveal." There's honestly a lot more I could do in here and want to do but for now it's simple and easily organized. So, the goal has been acheived! 

When we made the switch, from a toddler bed to a twin for the littlest, we swapped their room with our playroom so that they could have beds side by side. The configuration of this room just worked better. When I had two little boys, I dreamed of them having matching twin beds side by side with a little dresser in the middle. This isn't exactly my "dream" but it's pretty close and in my budget!  With two boys sharing, we really need this space to be functional, inviting and easy to organize. I reorganized their closet, which holds all of their clothing, in January but I’m going to save that for a whole other post! We have one bookshelf with many of their favorites, a laundry basket, and baskets that slide under the bed with all of their stuffed animals in them. My kids are stuffed animal crazy and those are the only “toys” we really allow them to KEEP in their bedroom. I also made a decision early on that they would share a bedroom and the playroom would be where all of their toys lived. This means we don’t have a guest room. However, if we have guests, they use the boys’ room and the boys sleep with us or on a pallet on the floor. We don’t have many overnight guests, but we can make this room, as well as, an air mattress in the playroom work perfectly. Most of our overnight guests, though, are other tiny little boys, so pushing the two beds together and having them sleep horizontally is so much fun for them! 

Most of the items in their room have been collected over time. I found a lot of times at consignment and thrift stores or just on clearance. Their bedding is a mix of sheets and a blanket from Home Goods and winter-themed pillowcases from TJ Maxx. The buffalo check pillows in the back are a king size sham set I found on Amazon. That reminds me when shopping for two twin beds, pillow same sets that don’t necessarily come with the sheets are great to split between the two beds. That’s exactly what I did for both pillow shams you see here. Kind across the back and standard in the front! This is such an inexpensive way to be able to change out the look of the bedding seasonally and have the two still match! 

I decided that the inside wall would be a great place for a LARGE inspirational quote. There isn’t really room to do any shelving on this wall since the room is pretty tight, so this was a great way to fill the wall for only the cost of the vinyl. I’m kind of thinking of adding more too. Who wants to help me think of more “BE” quotes?! Right now we have “be adventurous, be brave, BE YOU!” Some I’ve been considering are "be kind" and "be humble", but I am really open to suggestions! 

Right inside the door, we have this little “everything” station where I hung this metal chalkboard locker-like piece that I found at a local thrift store, a metal shelf for their diffuser and hooks for jackets, robes, and grab and go bags. The door actually opens in front of the hooks so those things stay hidden most of the time. Team Work Makes the Dream Work is my littlest’s favorite quote right now. He heard it on a television show and it stuck, so we actually use it all the time! He’s the most difficult to get to clean up or participate in daily tasks, so it comes in handy! 

I hope you found this little room tour inspiring in some way! I’m going to list a few more sources below if you see something your love! Since it’s getting really close to spring, I’ll probably be changing their room up a little soon, so watch for an update post! 

Thanks for reading and following along! 

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  1. Adorable room! Precious! Can’t wait to see spring/summer look.


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