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Old Friends. New Beginning. More Rain!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last weekend Wesley, Ari and I made the treck down to good ole Oxford, Miss. Oxford and I have a love/hate relationship! I love the actual town and it's history, but I will always be a true Bulldog at heart. So, naturally I cringe *overly dramatic eye roll* when people of no particular age begin their sentences with "Are You Ready..." you know the rest!

The purpose of this trip was simple.
Have fun with good friends!...and so we did.

I was able to take some engagement pictures of Todd and Amanda who will be married in the Fall!
We got to see their new resturant Frank and Marlee's. Visit

We got to play with the new puppy Charles/Charlie..I called him Chuck! Ari and Frank entertained each other for a while anyway! We found out Ari's just not that into puppies and well babies either for that matter!

We also got to hang out with some new people and some peeps we love! Had a blast at Frank and Marlee's piano bar with Josh and Jamie!

and Todd played us some Journey!
So overall it was a great trip. I was a little under the weather most of the time, but that didn't hold me back! =) Now, I'm paying for it. =( Because their was so much rain we didn't get as many pictures as we wanted to I look forward to seeing T & A soon in Memphis for a session on a clear day! *fingers crossed*

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  1. GREAT pictures! LOVE the lens! My favorite picture is of the piano!!! Can I blow it up to a ginormous size and hang it on my wall?!...since Jonathan won't let me have a real piano :(


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