The Wilde Olive Blog: Celebrating Winter...I'll be happy to see it go!


Celebrating Winter...I'll be happy to see it go!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So I really don't know what happened to January...anyone? I've started to post many times over the past 2 weeks, but my deficit in maintaining attention on one thing at a time reared its ugly head as it often does! One thing I can say for sure is Punxatawny Phil was right…again (hate when that happens) and sorry Long Island Chuck, but I think you’ve made some enemies in the Mid-Atlantic with your controversial non-shadow seeing prediction of Spring! When Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter, I didn’t predict the 4+ inches of snow we got yesterday. I know it’s nothing to complain about, but I absolutely hate driving in it, especially on these Arkansas back roads and over that big scary bridge I hate driving on when it’s just drizzling! So, I’m going to kind of go backward here, starting with the most recent shots of the snow, then to photo shoots, the non-shower and time spent with friends over the past 3 weeks.

Here are some shots of the snow from the roof of our building on Monday morning before the RAIN and SLEET started! Dry snow is fun…the rest…not so much.

The last weekend in January, Wesley, Ari and I ventured out of the ice/snow covered city a little further south. There, we visited with my parents (sort of…I didn’t really see them that much), The Harris Family, The McPhail Family, and the Kelly’s (they need a blog)! It was definitely a memorable weekend. It started with “should we or shouldn’t we?” drive in the nasty weather argument I was mostly having with myself while making miserable faces at Wesley because he was still working! When we finally decided okay we should try – to not wind up in a ditch on our way out of town. So, we packed up, got soaking wet trying to get everything and the dog in the car, and were on our way. I decided to ride in the back seat and hold the dog because he likes to stand on the console when Wesley and I are both in the car. I didn’t think this would be safe with ice on the road and no harness will hold this dog and his dagger teeth. BTW I’m thinking of filing them down because I’ve got maybe two bras left with straps still intact and just this morning I discovered his newest hole in my not-so-inexpensive BR sweater I’ve worn MAYBE twice! UGH!!! if I didn’t love him so much I’d KILL HIM!

Then, Saturday taking pictures of Kim and her belly was so much fun. Except when we finished and they drove me back to my parent’s at which time we were locked out of their car by their 8lb Dauchshund, Sadie with the car running and snow falling mind you.

Later that evening I spent time planning and setting up for a shower for The Harris Family @ my sisters when baby Asher had other plans! =) He was 5 weeks early, but had good weight and development. He spent two weeks in the NICU, but came home on Friday just in time for Valentines Day with his mommy and daddy! So happy for Jessica and Robbie and can't wait to play with him and take 1000 pictures of him this coming weekend! =)


  1. Just a few things for you tonight...1. How is it that you have lived in this awesome apartment for MONTHS and I have yet to see it! I need a Memphis trip!!! 2. Ari's picture frightened me for just a moment when I thought that he had grown a HUGE deformed nose in the past few weeks only to realize it was his tongue. and.. 3. I think we should become professional baby shower planners/decorators.

  2. I second Andrea's idea of becoming professional baby shower planners/decorators. Ya'll do such a great job! That is so not my forte. I want a Memphis trip, too! But now I have a baby... maybe a day trip! I want to go to the ZOO and you can show me how to take some good pictures. :)

  3. GREAT idea Jessica! Zoo day!!!! How old does Asher have to be to travel and go to the zoo?!? Emma LOVES car rides and is ready as soon as it warms up!

  4. Another reason I want it to hurry up and get WARM! I would LOVE to have both of you...ALL OF you!


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