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Connor's Belly: take two

Friday, April 30, 2010

You can find "take one" in this post: catching up...

Finally, I've finished this shoot of my beautiful sister Maggie {who really needs to post on her own blog: Keeping up with the Kellum's} taken on April 17th. I love that it's finally GREEN outside! Who wants to take pictures in a studio?! not I... especially when there is this gorgeous natural backdrop God has given us to enjoy. Plus, in honor of Earth Day/Week, saving on indoor lighting is good for the environment!

As much as I enjoy the natural backdrop, we did do some shots my parent's garage. =)
Which Maggie thought was hilarious{or was that the hair salon glamour shots that will not be posted?}!

As a side note to the few of you reading this out in blog land ;) ... I am reminded by the "hold on let me be serious" picture above that I am so truly blessed to have two sisters that I love so dearly. The times when the three of us are together are rare these days, but the gift of laughter that has been granted to us is truly a blessing. To those of you who have sisters, I whole-heartedly hope you are nodding your head right now and have experienced the bond, friendship, ridiculousness, camaraderie, connection, freedom to be yourself, and true ESP I have experienced with these girls {women}. We are all so very different but so much alike. On a list of things I cannot live without {my} sisters definitely top the list! 

Maggie, Stephanie, and Andrea
PS. Come back soon because I will probably post 2-3 more post this weekend: Trip to DC, Laurel Lee, Farmer's Market

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  1. Love the pics! I'm so happy for Maggie, and yes - she needs to post on her blog!

    Stacey (Norquist) Thornton


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