The Wilde Olive Blog: correction: "i believe in miracles"


correction: "i believe in miracles"

Thursday, June 17, 2010


i guess i owe everyone a big "thank you" because success just feels so SWEET! God was so obviously watching over me. on monday night i laid down in defeat {horrible attitude}. i walked through the valley.faced {what felt like} death.yet today my soul is restored.and truly MY CUP RUNNETH OVER! 

monday night i had given up {what a negative attitude i had} and didn't look at a single note after reviewing my flashcards at lunch. wesley gave me some words of encouragement but really... i wasn't hearing it. 

tuesday when i got to the testing center i felt better...not nervous. i was the only one there. so i had a computer lab to myself for 4 whole hours. i paced myself and really took my time on each loooonnnggg question. then on question 159 {of 170} my heart began to pound. i nervously reviewed all the questions. i tagged {probably 85}, completed the DANG survey at the end, and finally hit that final button and it said "PASS". i didn't believe it! my eyes welled up and it took me a minute to get out of my chair...then i got the print out and it said "PASS" too! WHAT? how did this happen? it was truly divine intervention. i really am blessed and to come out of the test and see fb messages from my mom and sister maggie and an email from s-i-l lacey that came DURING the test felt so good! {thanks y'all} i know it's kind of hard to understand, but it's kind of like for so many years i've done so much work and finally i can feel validated with one stupid little letter "c". i can {unofficially} change that LMSW to an LCSW. 

now on to other {and probably more interesting} things...

the ari bear {taken with new camera!}

happy girl me {wesley took with new camera}

a preview: will these turn out?

pickle drama 2010 coming to a blog post near you...

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