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Be a Dork Day!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'd never heard of before Tuesday, but I just kept hearing about "Embrace Your Geekness Day". Well, apparently Thomas and Ruth Roy make up holidays...for fun and for profit I guess. Some catch on...some don't...the power of the interwebs. I, for one, am ready to celebrate whatever whenever! So, I visited and found the list of "holidays" for the Summer! Below is a list for July. Will you celebrate with me? Today is Be a Dork Day! (I'm celebrating by writing this post!)

"Wellcat Holidays brings you more than 80 reasons to celebrate life & its many quirky moments. If you’re looking for something different yet wonderfully simple and down to earth, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to our home. Just leave your shoes at the door and toss your hat to the cat." (from

  • July 3: Stay Out of the Sun Day - For health's sake, give your skin a break today.
  • July 6: Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day - Show your appreciation to your webmaster by taking him out for some good food. That way, he/she/it will feel loved and have the energy to fix all of the typos on your site.
  • July 10: Don't Step on a Bee Day - reminds kids and grownups that now is the time when going barefoot can mean getting stung by a bee. If you get stung, tell Mom. (or scream expletives)
  • July 13: Embrace Your Geekness Day - Into dungeon games, comic books and doing vampire dress-up? Spend endless hours going strange places on the internet? You're a geek, and this is the day to roar!

  • July 13: Gruntled Workers Day - There's so much news about disgruntled workers that today's the day for Gruntled Workers to Unite! Drive to a fast food restaurant and say, "Thanks, your service is fast. Have a nice day."

  • July 15: Be a Dork Day says that this is the day to be a Dork and be proud. Wear goofy clothing, don't brush your teeth, eat yucky food, and fall off a swing set.

{I will celebrate by not being ashamed that I LOVE to type in courier font and use {curly brackets} instead of (parenthesis) because I think it's cool - AND I use the word "cool"}

  • July 23: Hot Enough For Ya Day - Here’s the day when the tired old greeting actually gains acceptance. Go ahead, say it, if you don’t have anything else to add.
  • July 27: Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day - Walking your plants around the neighborhood enables them to know their environment, thereby providing them with a sense of knowing, bringing on wellness.
Wellcat Holidays" is a trademark of Thomas and Ruth Roy. These holidays are copyrighted

What are you going to do to "be a dork" today? PLEASE SHARE!
BTW. I can't wait for October 12th...

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