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exciting stuff!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am super-duper excited!
I had the most fabulous weekend  & hope that all of you did as well!
getting to visit with both Wesley's and my family is a rare occasion
but it's great when it happens!

only one little family missing :(
but THEY will be in Mississippi next weekend {YAY!}
and we will get to see them over the long labor day weekend!
Anybody have plans for celebrating labor day?
marking the end of summer is a sad occasion for me
 {because I LOVE scorching HOT days in the South}
so I'm thinking of banning celebrations! I kid, I kid!
besides there will be PLENTY hot, humid days to come this year...

here are some shots I took while hanging out with the fam.
wesley & lance
fin & is gatorade - playing hard!
laurel - getting so big!
reese & clark                                                    laurel- with the cutest fussy face ever!
funny faces


In other exciting news...
in this post I showed off how much I fell in LOVE with
 Emily Henderson's skills on this season's Design Star.
After I posted on her blog she wrote me a kind email.

It is so cool that she took the time to personally write me an email. :)
It makes me love her even more; and that she actually read this little ole blog is like - WOW!
So, just know that all of you are reading the same blog
that has been read by the likes of HGTV's next HOST!
 because oh yes. SHE WON!

Be sure to check out Emily next Sunday night on HGTV - Secrets From a Stylist.
This special that airs Aug 29th at 9:00pm CST features
another thing that makes me REALLY EXCITED:
Glee's "co-creator" (or original master mind
before Ryan Murphy got his genius hands on it)
 Ian Brennan
{if you didn't already know - GLEE makes me ECSTATIC! btw 9/21 it will be back!!!! }

PS. thanks to all my new blog frog friends  - love y'all!
If you haven't checked out blog frog - it's a great community of bloggers.
check out the link to the right of this post ----over there-->

PPS. I have more exciting news coming up that has to do
with these MUFFINS, but this is already the longest post EVER!

PPPS. wait for some news about this precious piece of creativity!


  1. Beautiful photos! I am visiting from BlogFrog and would love to follow you but I don't see a place to do so.

  2. Great photos. And how cool is it that Emily contacted you? I missed this season's design star. Even with a DVR recording the season I just didn't have the time to watch television this summer. I'm bummed. I'm hoping for a marathon soon.

  3. could that little dress have something to do with something else you're 'cookin'???????
    could all the slater girls soon be mammas.


  4. Stacey- NO! and that's all I have to say about that! ha ha

    Ms. Diva - you can follow on the right side by clicking on the RSS feed or by Google Friend Connect OR just go to your blogger dashboard and enter

  5. BF greetings from Casablanca, Morocco! :)

  6. Such gorgeous piccys! I love the one of the 'nap' so sweet. Nothing beats a great weekend. The BF and I are off on a road trip to the South of England this weekend (we have 4 whole days!) and I am very excited =)

  7. Lovely pictures! The children are so cute!

  8. Fun photos!!! Visiting from BF, following now!


  9. Glee!!!!!!!!!! <3

    Haha, I'm so~ excited for it's next season. :)

  10. So here I was enjoying your photos and taking a peep into your world when what did I spy but an email from Emily of Design Star! That really is awesome and I am so glad she wrote you back, it makes me like her even more too! Are you going to watch Secrets of a Stylist tomorrow? I know I will


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