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Farmer's Market

Sunday, August 15, 2010

pretty much every saturday when we actually stay in memphis.
we go here.
this morning - i went by myself. 
or should i say i swam there burlap bag and camera in tow. 
WOW it was hot WAY too early this morning!

there was a huge crowd.
and the music is always a nice background.

i did get some sunflowers from whitton farms.
6 for $5 {she actually gave me 7!}

i usually get my blooms from the vendor below.
a couple bundles them into HUGE bouquets for $10, $15, or $20

about a block from our home there is an antique car storage garage.
someone brought this baby out today.

some past shots below of stuff that has long since been gobbled up!


  1. Each of these pictures makes me think I'm reading a magazine. Wonderful, fun shots!!

  2. Great Photos, and really nice work.

  3. These photos are fantastic, makes me want to go to our Farmer's Market bright & early tomorrow morning ... maybe I will ... and then maybe I'll come back and bake something .... like Peach muffins?


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